The best flower to grow in spring: Tulips

It has been raining quite a bit and although the rain is inconvenient, it is good for the plants. Spring time is one of my favorite times because flowers start to bloom and trees get their vibrant green color back. I love driving around the neighborhood and seeing homes that were once covered with snow covered with vibrant flowers and green grass. They say that the earth smiles with flowers and I totally agree. 

The best flower to grow in spring: Tulips

Today we are talking about one of the prettiest flowers to grow in your yard, Tulips. With us being home most of the time these days, why not spend some time gardening. 

Tulips are great option to grow in your yard. They are usually the first flowers you see in the spring and are one of the most popular flowers in the world along with roses. They usually start growing in the end of March and are very beautiful. If you want to grow Tulips I suggest planting them in an area that gets some sun but not too sunny as they do not like too much heat. Make sure the soil is very fertile and well drained. Tulips do not need too much moisture so you do not need to water them every day. 

My mother, who also loves flowers, shared some of the beautiful tulips in her garden. I was pretty amazed by the different varieties of tulips that are growing in the garden including some unique ones. First is the red tulip with a black and yellow center that I have never seen before. It is said that in ancient Persia, to give a red tulip was to declare your love. The black center of the red tulip was said to represent the lover’s heart, burned to a coal by love’s passion. Pretty interesting, right!

The best flower to grow in spring: Tulips

Another striking tulip in the garden is the Queen of the Night Tulip. With a name like that you know this is a bold and deep toned flower that represents power, elegance, strength and beauty. Queen of the night tulips certainly add some character and drama to a garden. They have a deep purple and black hue that is unique and noticeable. If you are a flower enthusiast this is one Tulip variety you need to have in your garden. 

The best flower to grow in spring: Tulips

I hope I have given you some inspiration on growing some tulips in your garden. The best of all, once your tulips are grown you can cut them, put them in a beautiful vase and enjoy them in your home without spending a dime at a flower shop. Imagine a beautiful day outside, surrounded by flowers with a glass of wine and good conversation. That is truly what life is all about, the simple things.

The best flower to grow in spring: Tulips

The best flower to grow in spring: Tulips

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  1. We have a bunch of those growing all around our house. The tulip is a really beautiful flower I love the purple one the best.

  2. Tulip is one of my favourite flowers! A trivia about me, we have five houses (color and flower) in my high school and my house is Tulip ~ I have a special tie to this flower as well. – Knycx Journeying

  3. Tulips are some of my favorite flowers! I actually thought about growing some! Thanks for the inspo! Heading to the store now to pick up some bulbs!

  4. I love tulips. We have several varieties in our yard and I have fond memories of my kids presenting me with bouquets of them. Now they are teenagers but they still pick them for me 🙂

  5. As soon as I see tulips I think of spring. Such a beautiful flower to grow in a garden! I am looking forward to having a place to plant flowers like this soon as we are building a home for ourselves.

  6. Tulips are really gorgeous flowers! Holland Tulips are very expensive here in the Philippines. It would be nice to have these in one’s own backyard.

  7. Who doesn’t love Tulips flowers? They are really beautiful and it makes me smile every time I am seeing them.

  8. Oh Tulips are heavenly. I have seen them in UK and in India in the hilly areas. Sadly the place where I stay does not have the proper climate for tulips to grow. Else I would have filled my gardens with them. Your post made my day.

  9. I love gardening and loved adding tulips to my garden. The deer ate most of them and it got to the point where I had to change direction with planting choices.

  10. Rarely do we get to see tulips in our country. Except some parts in the northern part of India. Hence whenever I see tulips I feel so refreshed.

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