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A day in the town of Hingham, MA

We are now in middle of summer and I am absolutely loving the feel of warm sunshine touching my skin. As Charles Dickens said, the sun brings not light alone, but new life, hope, and freshness to man. I couldn’t agree more. Summer is awesome as it usually means vacations, day trips and little excursions. Last weekend I decided to hang out in the town of Hingham which is literally a 8 minute drive from our house. Although it is only next door, visiting Hingham always feels like I am somewhere far away.  

A day in the town of Hingham, MA

town of Hingham, MA

A day in the town of Hingham, MA

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Blue Maxi skirt (Similar) : Asos ,White T-shirt (Similar): Forever 21

Cross body Bag: Michael Kors

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Hingham is a coastal town located on the Boston’s South Shore. What I love about the town is that it has so much character. With many beautiful antique homes and historic districts the town is a photographer’s dream and is absolutely gorgeous. The town also goes all out during the holidays. I happened to go near the 4th of July weekend and the whole place was pretty decked out. 

The downtown area is super cute with coffee shops, boutiques, juice bars and restaurants. If you are looking for a vibrant city vibe you definitely will not find it in this town. This is the kind of town you go to if you want a relaxed and laid back environment. If you also love to be by the water there are so many nice areas to sit and enjoy the water views. I especially love grabbing a lavender coffee by Red Eye Coffee roasters and drinking it at the marina watching the birds. 

A day in the town of Hingham, MA

Bare Cove Marina Hingham

Bare cove Marina Hingham, MA

It’s fair to say that Hingham is one of my favorite towns in Massachusetts as it has become my weekend hangout spot. It has so much to offer in terms of beauty, character and relaxation.

Do you like to visit new towns in your area? What town do you like to visit near you? I would love to hear from you in the comment box below. 

If you are interested in another area in Boston, be sure to check out my post on My Day in Boston’s Beacon Hill

Style: Urban Outfitters Blue Maxi Dress

Hi guys! Its been long since my last fashion post so I am glad to be back in the swing of things with this post on the urban outfitters blue maxi dress. I have been making an effort to travel more so we decided to take a trip to DC a couple of weeks ago which was a lot of fun. Deciding what to wear on a trip can be a nightmare especially if like me you pack too much. One of my favorite looks on the trip was this blue maxi summer dress that I got on sale from Urban Outfitters for only $23. It was a comfortable look perfect for all the walking we had to do.

Urban Outfitters Blue Maxi Dress

Urban Outfitters Blue Maxi Dress

Urban Outfitters Blue Maxi Dress


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Introducing the colored jeans

It's time for colored jeans

I am so excited about the bright colors that are in this season so much that I had to write another post. I don’t know of any fashionista that doesn’t like jeans so why not incorporate some color into your jeans.One great way to wear colored jeans is by color blocking.
Color blocking is when you pair solid colors and bright pieces together.I know this might sound scary to those who are new to the color trend, so my suggestion is to combine pastels with pastels or bolds with bolds. An example of color blocking would be to pair a coral pair of jeans with a blue top, fab indeed!
For those that are little more daring you can try and match a pair of colored jeans with a printed top e.g one with floral prints.
So the next time you are shopping for jeans, try some thing different and grab a pair of colored jeans, you will be that chic fashionista you have always wanted to be.Happy shopping!

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