What to wear to a early spring date

Your girlfriends or honeybun have invited you for lunch in the city new hottest spot. It’s only the beginning of spring and still cold outside, what do you wear? It certainly can’t be sweatpants and converse snickers or a swanky cocktail dress. Cool weather can be hard to dress for especially if you don’t want to look over or underdressed. I have just the look that will work for this occasion.

Chunky sweater and black pants

The easiest choice is a pair of black skinny pants, a cozy stylish sweater and heels. Why these three? First, black cropped skinny pants add a certain polished feel to an outfit, you can’t go wrong with them. A cozy stylish sweater provides warmth which is your number one goal and also makes you not look too overdressed. The heels don’t need an explanation, they give instant elegance and style to the look. If you are having a nice spring day, go for pointy toe heels. However if it is too cold outside, opt for some sleek knee high boots. Throw on some simple accessories like a chunky bracelet, a big faced watch, a hat and you are good to go.

Outfit details:

Chunky Sweater (Similar) : Top Shop

Black Mid-Rise Jeggings: Target, Hat (Similar) : Forever 21

Shoes (Similar): Amazon

Jacket (Similar) : Vero Moda

sweater and black pants
What to wear to a winter date

Since it will still be chilly outside you will need a warm jacket. Fitted wool coats are my go to when I need to look dressed up or smart and casual. A down coat or hoodie would be too casual for this look. Another option is a stylish jacket like this leather jacket with faux fur lining that I am wearing. The point is too look smart but not over or underdressed.

Black leather jacket with faux fur lining and skinny jeans

So there you go! A simple and cute early spring weather outfit that you can rock for lunch or even a dinner date. What do you like to wear for chilly nights out? I would love to get more ideas from you in the comment box below. If you are looking for more style inspiration, check out my burgundy in the city style post.

How to wear a black sweater dress

Thank goodness spring is here even though the weather does not feel like it yet. The other day I was so cold I was shivering when I walked out the door, but I digress. When the weather is cool but not freezing, sweater dresses are your best friend. They are super cozy, comfortable and can be styled up or down. I took this simple black sweater dress from drab to fab by using a few accessories.

How to wear a black sweater dressHow to wear a black sweater dressHow to wear a black sweater dressHow to wear a black sweater dressfullsizeoutput_164b

How to wear a black sweater dress : 3 tips

  1. Wear a belt – A belt is by far the best way to transform a sweater dress from simple to chic. Belts are  a great way to accentuate your shape as they emphasize there narrowest part of your figure. Since sweater dresses are usually loose fitting a belt is the key.
  2. Gold accessories – Black goes with most styles of accessories but if you want to look chic and elegant I find gold against black to be a great choice. Wear your gold watch with a couple gold bracelets, earrings and some fab sunglasses.
  3. Wear a brown or earth tone pashmina – to go with the black and gold theme brown is the best color pashmina to go with this look. I prefer a pashmina to a wool scarf for this outfit as wool on wool can be a bit too much. The different textures add another nice element to the look.

You can see how I styled a black Maxi sweater dress here

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Style diary: Winter white Long wool cardigan

I recently took a trip to Newport Rhode Island with my blogger bestie Kristin. A beautiful place like Newport meant we had a great canvas for our pictures which was a plus. Although it was a little cold we managed to make the most fun out of it. Staying fabulous in the cold is always tricky but I worked with what I got. First day in Newport I wore a red and black outfit and the next day I went with a winter white long wool cardigan with blue jeans, brown boots and a black hat.

Uniqlo long wool cardigan


Uniqlo Long wool cardigan



Winter white Long wool cardigan outfit details

The long wool cardigan is pretty much the star of this outfit although the other pieces like the boots and hat complete the look. I love wearing these kind of hats instead of the knitted hats as they are more stylish and add a touch of elegance. Brown boots always look great with blue jeans and I find them to be more versatile than black boots. The next time you are debating on what color to pick for a shoe, try brown or beige, you will get more outfit options with those colors.

More about the Long wool cardigan: This cardigan is from one of my new favorite stores Uniqlo. This cardigan is made from 100% wool so it makes for a great cold weather layer and I really love that the material is of great quality. The long length is very trendy and is best paired with slim pants or jeans. I have worn this cardigan with black skinny jeans, a black top with nude flats and it turned out very chic.

Where to find this cardigan: As we are drawing closer to spring cardigans like this are dissapearing from stores however Uniqlo still has some of the long wool cardigan‘s left in stock, this may not last long as their items are always in high demand.

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Fall fashion Essentials for women

I have been meaning to share a fall fashion essentials list and I am so glad that it’s finally here. Fall has got to be one of the most stylish seasons as far as I am concerned. Think of the different textures, layers and warm colors that you can wear in the fall. If you have each of these items in your closet then you are pretty much all set for fall.

Fall Fashion Essentials

The Fall Fashion essentials list

1.Scarfs: These are a great way to take your look from boring to stylish in one second. Try different styles in scarfs from wool, cotton, floral to plaid. Infinity scarfs are so much fun because they are easy to wear and look super chic. Try blanket scarfs for cooler days.
2.Jackets and sweaters: Since it’s not too cold in the fall, light jackets and sweaters are an absolute must have. I love leather jackets and blazers in the fall but I am thinking of getting a cute bomber jacket as they seem to be a hot item this fall. When shopping for jackets always make sure that they are not too big or too small, It has to be a perfect fit to look good.
3.Booties: These are the quintessential fall shoe of choice for all fashionistas. This season the peep toe and block heeled booties are hot items and very stylish. Booties are perfectly versatile because they can be worn with dresses, leggings, skinny jeans and pretty much anything.

I have selected a few of my favorite fall items and hopefully I can inspire you to go shopping for some fab fall items. Be sure to check out my instagram page for outfit ideas.

Fall fashion

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Black and white: How to wear it well

Hello loves! This week’s outfit includes a Black and White casual ensemble that was simple to put together. The classic color combination of black and white is one that will always work no matter what. I also find that this combination creates a very modern and crisp look that will give you a certain elegance. Since it refuses to warm up, I wore a black long sleeved sweater, blazer, white cropped skinny jeans and accessorized with a statement necklace to give it some pizzaz!

black and white outfit

Black and white outfit

black and white outfit


Tips on wearing black and white:

Wearing black and white is a no brainer however there are 3 things to consider before you do:

  1. Stay within the color theme: If you are wearing a black top and white pants or vice versa, avoid wearing a pink and yellow scarf for example. I know this may seem restricting and old school but it really just doesn’t work. You want to keep the color them flowing.
  2. Accessorize: To avoid looking too plain unless thats the look you are going for which is totally fine on some days. Add some accessories to make your outfit fabulous. See how I wore a statement necklace to give a bit of character. You can also go simpler with a dainty necklace and stud earrings. White pearls also work well with these 2 colors.
  3. Watch out for stains: Last but not least, when wearing an outfit with white you have to be more careful than usual were you sit, how you eat etc. as you can easily turn your crisp look into a messy one. I have noticed that even the smallest stain on white just ruins the entire outfit.

When was the last time you wore a black and white outfit? How do you like to style it? I would love to know you thoughts on this topic , your comments are always welcome!

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