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How to Choose Flowers for your Home

Flowers are beautiful on their own and generally when choosing flowers there are no rules. It is as simple as choosing the flower type you like. However, since certain flowers don’t always go with every surrounding, it is helpful to pay attention to the flower colors that complement your home.

I am one of those people that puts a lot of thought into every single thing and flowers are no exception. Since we are spending most of our time at home in these COVID 19 days, flowers will be a great way to bring some brightness to our homes. 

Today I am sharing some ideas on what flowers go with certain wall colors and home decor styles. Do you put a lot of thought to the color of flowers you buy for your home? I think it is worth it to consider the colors that go with your home if you love to have a beautifully decorated home. 

Neutral homes or those with the trendy gray tones are versatile and are best matched with pastels and bright colored flowers. Our home has a bit of a coastal and gray color theme so I always find that white flowers, pastel blues and soft pink flowers always complement my decor. Think pastel blue hydrangeas, white and pink peonies and champagne roses for bright homes. The pink and white roses in the first image gave a nice and gentle pop of color to our dining room. I also loved combination of white carnations and eucalyptus branches that I recently tried. Super fresh and bright!

Homes painted in warm tones of yellow or tan go well with deep and rich colors like reds, violet hues and deep oranges. I also find that green plants really look great with this color scheme. In essence green plants go with every style.

The easiest way to determine what colors work is to choose deep tones for warm toned wall colors and soft tones for lighter wall colors. The flower colors do not necessarily have to have the same color  but should complement your existing decor and wall color. For example; if you have yellow walls, yellow roses will not be the best choice but white roses would be great.

Quick flower tip!  Don’t throw your flowers away when they dry up. I learned this trick from my mother; spray the flowers with a little hair spray to make them last much longer. Some flowers like lavender and baby’s breath still maintain their beauty even when dried. The flowers in the last 2 images are actually dry and were sprayed with some hair spray. 

Are you still buying or ordering flowers during these COVID 19 days? What are your tricks to make them last longer? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. 

How to shop and take care of flowers

It’s been over a year since we last moved into our home and I am learning new things about myself since becoming a home owner. One of them is that I really love gardening and second is that I have a slight obsession with flowers. I remember watching the Desperate Housewives TV show a while back and admiring the housewives homes. They always had beautiful gardens and pretty flower arrangements in their homes which I loved. Now I always make it a point I have a vase of fresh flowers in the home and today I will be sharing some tricks that I have learned. 

How to shop and take care of flowers

Flowers are nature’s gift to earth and they are one of the best ways to bring beauty and elegance to a room. There is a notion that flowers are expensive which is partly true but if you shop around you will find some really good prices. Trader Joe’s is my go to for fresh flowers as they always have reasonably priced bouquets as low as $3.99. Whole Foods often has good sales on flowers as well so I would start at these 2 shops. 

Tips for Shopping & Caring for Flowers: 

Always make sure the flowers are still vibrant and none of the petals and leaves are wilted: Do not the make the mistake of picking the first bouquet you find. Sometimes there may be some hidden blooms that are past their prime. It is actually best to pick flowers whose blooms are still opening so they last longer however some shops only sell them when they have fully bloomed. In that case just pick the freshest looking. The Leaves should be green and firm too. Regardless always inspect them before you buy.

How to shop and take care of flowers

  • Check the Stem: Firm stems are a good sign that a flower can still absorb water well. If the stem is too soft, chances are high your flowers will not last long. 
  • Try to buy varieties that last long: I am no flower expert but I have discovered some types that last longer than others. Calla Lillies and Carnations for example seem to last longer than a week in water, they can even reach 3 weeks sometimes. Hydrangeas are one my favorites but they always seem to die on me after a week. If you have a trick to keep these longer, I would love to hear from you. 
  • Trim the stem. This is important to do before you place the flowers in a vase. I recommend using sharp pruners or pair of scissors to trim. I would say about an inch or two of stem trimmed at a 45 degree angle works. Also remember to trim every 3 days or so to allow water to keep going through the stem. I read that cutting them at an angle keeps the stems off the bottom of the vase thus allowing them to absorb water more easily. 

  • Remove leaves and buds in the water line: By removing any leaves or buds in contact with water you will prevent them from rotting and causing bacterial growth. It also looks better if you are using a transparent vase. 
  • Clean your vase: I am very guilty of reusing the same vase without cleaning it before adding new flowers. I have noticed that whenever I wash the vase first the flowers last longer. Something to do with bacteria which affects the length of their freshness. 
  • Use the plant food packet: Most flowers come with a small packet of plant food and they are very  essential. I used to use the whole packet at once until I learned that I need to use little by little whenever I change the water. If you run out you can do your own mix of two drops of bleach and a teaspoon of sugar with a gallon of water.

  • Always check on your flowers every few days. Check if they have enough water, trim the stems and replenish the plant food at least every 3 days. This will result in long lasting flowers. 

How to shop and take care of flowers

Now that you have arranged your flowers neatly in the vase enjoy the beauty and brightness they bring to your home. I love placing them anywhere from the dining table, coffee table, bathroom counter or bedrooms. A home with fresh flowers always looks beautiful and inviting. 

Do you love flowers? What tricks do you have for keeping long lasting flowers? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. 

Home Decor: How to create a beautiful home

Walking into a clean and well decorated home is such a great feeling and is sometimes therapeutic after a long day at work. Decor plays a big part in creating the character of a home and I find that the best way to achieve this is by decorating with unique pieces.  I am excited to give tips on how to create a beautiful home as well as show you my favorite pieces from Uncommon Goods. It is literally the best place for handcrafted and unique items.

Home Decor: How to create a beautiful home

When it comes to decorating its important to stay true to yourself and go with items that fit your personality. For example if you love plants you should incorporate some greenery to your decor style. You could get the Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit which is a beautiful portable garden that can be hung from a wall. I love that it is made with succulents which are literally the most low maintenance plants in the world. Check out more planters in Uncommon Goods’ garden section.

Now for the readers out there, using your books for decor is a definite must! Books are a cheap and great decor item especially if you have them between unique and stylish book ends. I really loved the one with the mother and baby giraffe.

Home Decor: How to create a beautiful home

For the living  areas, decorative accents like sculptures, lanterns and terrariums are all great options. If you are still trying to figure out what decorating style you want to go with you can see more decorative accent ideas on the Uncommon Goods site. Just remember to pick items that blend well with existing items in your home.

As far as bedroom decor, having a fresh bunch of flowers beside the bed is a very nice touch. Every Thursday I like to buy fresh flowers and place them beside the bed. Waking up and seeing a beautiful bouquet of flowers is very energizing. I absolutely love the bedside smartphone vases and they make a great gift for that person in your life that is always on their phone.

Simple Ways to decorate your home

There are so many other ways to decorate and bring character to your home. Think beautiful rugs, shelves, clocks, paintings and more. don’t forget the entrance is the first thing that guests see when they get to your house therefore you want the entrance to be inviting. Placing a fun doormat at the entrance is a good start. I love those with pictures of footprints or the doormats with a hello or welcome on them. Get fun, beautiful and unique doormats from Uncommon Goods here.

I hope I have given you some inspiration on how to create a beautiful home and hopefully you will get to fall in love with Uncommon goods like I have. Remember that you don’t have to look for a beautiful place but you can make a place beautiful.

FYI: This post is in partnership with Uncommon Goods. The views and opinions  are completely my own. Save










Table design with Wayfair and Boston Bloggers

The holidays are almost here and that means plenty of dinner parties with friends and family. One of my favorite things to do is host dinner parties and I love the table design aspect of it. 
I recently attended a Boston blogger event at the Wayfair offices and one of my favorite sessions was the table decor tutorial by Style me Pretty’s Abby Larson. I learnt that table decor doesn’t have to be expensive and that incorporating nature to your table is a fun way to do it. I never thought spraying a small brunch of leaves with copper paint like you see on the table below would look so good. 

The use of flowers in table decor has been practiced for ages and will never go out of style. When using flowers make sure they don’t have a strong scent as this can take away from the meal. 
When decorating your table try using unexpected pieces like small animal ornaments or unique napkin holders. 
Does table design matter to you during the holidays? I would love to hear from you

How to decorate your home: Four easy tips

One of my favorite hangout spots is my apartment. I literally can spend all weekend at home chilling on the couch, with good food and wine of course. As you may already know, I am a home buddy and I like my place to be comfortable and stylish since I spend so much time in it. 
Some people find decor intimidating but it can be a lot of fun. If you are searching for ways to give your home a little beauty and style, I have four items that can help you do just that. 

Four home decor must haves

1. Flowers: These are a great way to give your home instant beauty and freshness.You can put them on your dining table, side table or your coffee table. I love to have flowers in my bathroom too. I know what you are thinking, flowers are expensive Agnes. If like me you can not afford to buy fresh flowers every week, dried flowers are good option, but no fake flowers guys…too tacky
2. Candles: I am so obsessed with candles so much that I have them in every room. Candles are a great way to make your home warm and inviting. Nowadays they have all sorts of designs and fragrances to choose from which is great. Place a candle on your coffee table, burn it while relaxing and you will find it very calming. 
3. Artwork : A beautiful painting is a sure way to bring life to your walls. The important thing when choosing paintings is to make sure the size is in proportion to your wall. You don’t want a 6 foot frame in a tiny apartment because it will make the room appear smaller and crowded. 
4. Throw Pillows: If you don’t have throw pillows I suggest you head out to the store right now and grab some. These will give an instant comfy cozy feel to your home while being very practical. Use them to accessorize your couch or bed, just remember to pick fun designs and colors. 
Now that you have your home decor basics, I would love to know what your favorite home decor accessory is ?

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