Black White and pearls

I mentioned a while back that at my day job we have a very casual dress code which is good sometimes especially for mornings when you are in a rush. However I am someone that likes to dress up so casual attire is not my cup of tea. For that reason whenever I get invited to a formal event I go crazy because I rarely get the opportunity to dress formal. Today’s look is black, white and pearls. A very classic combo that always works.

Outfit details:

Black top with pearl sleeve detail (Similar) : Dazzle Flair Boutique

White Tuxedo Pants: Zara

Shoes : Nine West

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What to wear to a early spring date

Your girlfriends or honeybun have invited you for lunch in the city new hottest spot. It’s only the beginning of spring and still cold outside, what do you wear? It certainly can’t be sweatpants and converse snickers or a swanky cocktail dress. Cool weather can be hard to dress for especially if you don’t want to look over or underdressed. I have just the look that will work for this occasion.

Chunky sweater and black pants

The easiest choice is a pair of black skinny pants, a cozy stylish sweater and heels. Why these three? First, black cropped skinny pants add a certain polished feel to an outfit, you can’t go wrong with them. A cozy stylish sweater provides warmth which is your number one goal and also makes you not look too overdressed. The heels don’t need an explanation, they give instant elegance and style to the look. If you are having a nice spring day, go for pointy toe heels. However if it is too cold outside, opt for some sleek knee high boots. Throw on some simple accessories like a chunky bracelet, a big faced watch, a hat and you are good to go.

Outfit details:

Chunky Sweater (Similar) : Top Shop

Black Mid-Rise Jeggings: Target, Hat (Similar) : Forever 21

Shoes (Similar): Amazon

Jacket (Similar) : Vero Moda

sweater and black pants
What to wear to a winter date

Since it will still be chilly outside you will need a warm jacket. Fitted wool coats are my go to when I need to look dressed up or smart and casual. A down coat or hoodie would be too casual for this look. Another option is a stylish jacket like this leather jacket with faux fur lining that I am wearing. The point is too look smart but not over or underdressed.

Black leather jacket with faux fur lining and skinny jeans

So there you go! A simple and cute early spring weather outfit that you can rock for lunch or even a dinner date. What do you like to wear for chilly nights out? I would love to get more ideas from you in the comment box below. If you are looking for more style inspiration, check out my burgundy in the city style post.

Burgundy In The City

Boy its been a moment since my last style post, that can only mean it’s winter time. When it gets cold, venturing outside becomes a chore for me. All I want to do is stay indoors, watch Netflix and chill. We had a slightly decent winter day recently and I was very happy to head into the city to hang out. I had also been dying to wear this burgundy coat and hat that I got a while back.

Burgundy Coat

Outfit details:

Burgundy Coat : Jones New York

Black Mid-Rise Jeggings: Target, Hat : Amazon

Chunky Necklace (Similar): Avenue , Bracelets: Email to order

Burgundy Coat

Burgundy is one of those colors that you just don’t seek when you are shopping. You hardly hear anybody say burgundy is their favorite color but I am here to let you know you can totally rock this color. Because of its deep, rich and powerful look, burgundy is more suited for cooler temperatures similar to brown and navy blue.

Burgundy goes well with black which is the color combination I chose for my outfit. You can certainly pair it with other colors like sky blue and gold. Pairing it with white works but will look too preppy and uniform-like.

Burgundy in the City

For more winter style ideas check out the comfy cozy cape look. What is your favorite look in the winter? Are you a down coat type of person or a wool coat kinda person? I would love to know what you are wearing this season in the comment box below.

How to choose wedding Shoes

Now that you have found your wedding dress, the next item on your list are the shoes. Understandably choosing the dress is the highlight of the entire process but the shoes deserve some thought and excitement too. The wrong shoes can ruin an entire outfit, so you do not want that to happen with one of the most glamorous outfits you will ever wear.

Christian Louboutin​​​​​​​ So Kate glitter pump

For my wedding I knew I wanted a shoe that had some height, not too over the top but still screamed glam. The Christian Louboutin​​​​​​​ So Kate glitter pump was the perfect match for my dress and checked all the boxes of what I was looking for. I shopped for shoes with my mother and we both knew it was the one the moment we saw it.

Bride wearing her wedding shoes.

Things to consider when choosing wedding shoes

First things first, you should only choose the shoe after the dress. The dress determines the style of shoe you will pick. For example, if your dress is short and simple then your shoe has to have a wow factor. Other important things to consider are:

  • The length of your dress. Once you have decided on your dress it is highly recommended to take the actual shoe you like to the dress fitting. This will allow the taylor to make the dress the perfect length. For example for my dress, although it was long I still wanted a tiny bit of my shoe to be visible under the dress. The tailor was able to customize the length to allow this.
  • The Venue. Remember you will be walking around and taking photos. For example if you are having a beach or garden wedding, super high heels may not make sense. You should also consider wearing heel protectors if you will be walking in the grass. My dress was long so I was able to remove my heels during the photo session which involved walking down a hill.
  • Style of dress and wedding. If you have a vintage style wedding dress or vintage theme then you probably want a shoe that complements that theme. A casual beach wedding will require a much simpler style of shoe. Basically the shoe should not look like an after thought.
  • Comfort. Last but not least the comfort level of your shoe is very important. There is nothing more unattractive than a seeing a woman limping and looking very uncomfortable on her wedding day. You want to look and feel the best on your day so take care of your feet.
Wedding Shoes

3 Things You Absolutely Have to Know Before Choosing an Engagement Ring!

Choosing and Engagement ring can be a daunting task because the ring is something that your loved one will wear everyday for the rest of their life. You want them to love it. After my husband proposed I could not stop staring at my ring the entire week, I was just over the moon. There are 3 things you absolutely have to know before choosing an engagement ring and today we are sharing them!

3 Things You Absolutely Have to Know Before Choosing an Engagement Ring!


This should be your first stop on the journey of finding the perfect engagement ring. Starting off any big purchase, whether you’ll be financing or paying in cash, by assessing your budget and what you’re willing to spend on the item at hand. In this case, you’ve probably already done a bit of research and know what your price point is. However, if you haven’t done much looking around, it can be very easy to get sticker-shocked. The best way to avoid this is to check out some online retailers and make good use of their filters. This works to your advantage in two ways:

  1. It gives you a reason to compare different retailers
  2. You’ll begin to notice the pattern of prices in comparison with type & size of stones and the metals available

Ring Size

Knowing your partner’s ring size isn’t really something that ever comes up before the moment when you realize you’d like to propose to this person and buy an engagement ring but it is a necessity to avoid a ring that doesn’t fit and needs to be resized after-the-fact. It’s no surprise that there are many waysthat are suggested to find the information. Some ideas range from:

  • Tying a string around their finger while they’re sleeping
  • Having a ring that they wear sized
  • Tracing a ring from the jewelry box and bringing it to a jeweler for comparison

However, modern couples are being more open and honest about their expectations and desires when it comes to their relationship, and engagements are no exception. Simply asking for your partner’s ring size could prompt a healthy conversation about your relationship and where it’s headed.

Ring Style

Choosing the perfect ring style for your partner’s engagement ring will be as easy as pie if you two have already had an open discussion about it. However, many people choose to continue to select the ring secretly and do a surprise proposal. In this case, picking a style will require a bit more thought and research.

To get an idea of what you’re partner likes, think about the styles that they wear. Do they dress boldly, with a keen sense for fashion? Or do they tend to be more conservative? Are they into vintage clothing and jewelry? Is there something they are extremely passionate about that should be incorporated? Better yet, if you had a friend recently get engaged, bring it up and ask what she thought of the ring. This may let her know what you’re up to in a very subtle way but that’s not always a bad thing.

Bonus: How will it look with the wedding band?

Many people get caught up in the glamor of choosing an engagement ring, and they absolutely should! But a wedding band is considered part of that decision and so should be thought about during the process, though it’s not a necessity. There are many resources to provide guidance as to choosing a wedding band online, including those put together by online retailers like Blue Nile. This can make the process of finding the right ring seamless and easy.

My husband surprised me with my ring and reached out to my sister for help which I loved. To this day I am still shocked how my sister was able to keep it a secret as she is a terrible secret keeper. Check out the tip sheet below for discreetly picking out a ring and its perfect wedding band.

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