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Good Eats Boston: Kane’s Donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts? Donuts may literally one of the best treats in the world. I have never refused a donut; it’s just impossible. Anyway before I delve into my love of donuts lets talk about this week’s good eats boston feature. The Farmer Willie’s Craft Ginger Beer Donut and the Privateer Eggnog Donut from Kane’s Donuts.

Kane’s Donuts is always creating fun donut flavors and this holiday is no exception. They partnered with Farmer Willie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer and Privateer Rum to create the two holiday inspired limited edition donuts. These donuts are not alcoholic, as the alcohol burns off during the cooking process. The alcohol is part of the flavor creation process which results in a deliciously flavored donut.

Good Eats Boston: Kane's Donuts

Kane’s Privateer Eggnog Donut: A cake style donut made with Pure Country Eggnog and Privateer Silver Reserve Rum, and loaded with freshly ground nutmeg then dipped in Kane’s signature honey glaze. I mean seriously, how good does that sound.

Good Eats Boston: Kane's Donuts

Farmer Willie’s Ginger Beer Donut: a handcrafted cake style gingerbread donut dunked in a glaze made from Farmer Willie’s recently released Extra Ginger flavor that is made with additional ginger and a touch of cayenne. It is  topped with Kane’s signature honey glaze made from local honey.

More from Kane’s Donuts:

For the month of December, Kane’s is also featuring the Kane’s Chocolate Candy Donut, which is a rich chocolate cake style donut with a creamy cool peppermint frosting then topped with crushed candy canes. Their monthly Gluten Free option is a Chocolate Coconut Gluten Free Donut, a gluten-free cake style chocolate donut dipped in Kane’s signature honey glaze then rolled in shredded coconut. There is a December cupcake which is the Winter Dream Cupcake, a rich devil’s food chocolate cupcake with a cream cheese frosting festively decorated

These donut creations will be available through the month of December at both Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts locations: 120 Lincoln Avenue in Saugus and 90 Oliver Street in Boston’s Financial District. Let me know how you like the donuts if you make it there!

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Good Eats Boston: Best Burger Bar

This is the for the meat and burger Lovers! If you live in Boston or around the area, Best Burger Bar in Brookline Village is the place to go if you want to try a really good burger.

Best Burger Bar announced a collaboration with Boston’s first craft distillery, Bully Boy Distillers, for a limited-edition December burger special, the Bully Boy Royale BurgerThe burger will be available through the month of December. You can also enjoy their fun menu, craft beer selection, milkshakes and signature cocktails while you are there.

Best Burger Bar

The Bully Boy Royale Burger features a quarter-pound, dry-aged burger with black truffle foie gras mousse, and a jam infused with Bully Boy American Straight Whiskey, cranberry and bacon, sandwiched in-between a toasted bun. Sounds insanely delicious and that kind of treat you need on a Friday night after a long work week. Or any day when you feel like a good juicy burger!

Let me know how you like it if you make it there!

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Eating Out: Verts Mediterranean Grill

It has taken me a while but I am happy to finally talk about another fast casual restaurant that I am loving these days. Verts Mediterranean Grill is a restaurant that serves savory and healthy food from scratch daily. Because I am a big fan of Mediterranean food and flavors, it’s no surprise that Verts has become one of my favorites.

Verts Mediterranean GrillAt Verts, you get build your own Entree’ and you will be glad to know that most of them are under 600 calories. I like that I get to pick what I want in my bowl as opposed to getting a standard serving. If you have not been there before you can read how to order at Verts so you come prepared.

How to order at Verts:

  1. Select your Base – The 4 main options are Pita, Rice bowl, Quinoa bowl, Salad with some seasonal bases like Arugula.
  2. Pick your protein – Verts protein selection is pretty good. You can choose either beef & lamb, chicken, falafel, Turkey & Mushroom Meatballs and some locations offer slow-cooked pork.
  3. Add your toppings – It is safe to say that Verts has the best toppings compared to similar restaurants. There are so many delicious options including red cabbage slaw, carrot slaw, spiced chickpeas, pickled onions, grilled corn, marinated green olives, cauliflower tabbouleh, feta and more.
  4. Choose your sauces – This is one of my favorite parts of the process because everyone knows the sauce is the difference maker. Verts wins again in the sauce department. With sauces like Spicy Cilantro, Roasted red pepper, Tzatziki, Herb vinaigrette, Hot Harissa and Hummus.
  5. Get a side – I have not tried the sides yet as the bowl is enough for me but you do have the option to choose a side like french or sweet potato fries, falafel, chips & hummus, pita & hummus and the dip trio.

My Verts Experience:

I am a big fan of any meal that comes in a bowl so I tend to choose the rice or quinoa bowl when I go to Verts. Maybe next time I will go for the Pita option. On my last Verts experience I got the rice bowl with beef & lamb. My toppings were the carrot slaw, red cabbage slaw, hummus, the cucumber tomato mix with a spicy cilantro sauce.

You definitely taste the Mediterranean flavors with every bite. The hummus was smooth with the right amount of tang from the lemon. Don’t even get me started to the beef & lamb which was perfectly seasoned. The carrot and red cabbage slaw were crunchy and fresh which offered a great contrast to the heaviness of the rice and the richness of the meat. The spicy cilantro sauce is very vibrant and  completes the meal. I am salivating just thinking about my meal.

Verts Mediterranean Grill

Verts Mediterranean Grill Giveaway!

Verts Mediterranean Grill is opening their 3rd Boston Location on Washington St downtown Boston on Aug 11th. Head out there on opening day btwn 11am-9pm as they will be offering free entrees while supplies last. You can also win a meal voucher worth 2 free entree cards valued at $25. To Enter all you need to do is follow @EatVerts on Instagram. Good luck!




Dining out: Joe’s American Bar and Grill

I was recently invited to Joe’s American Bar and Grill  located in Boston’s trendy Newbury Street to enjoy their new menu. Since I had already been there for a delicious brunch I knew their new dinner menu would be just as good. Joe’s American is well-known for their classic American comfort food with a variety of dishes like New England clam chowder, mac and cheese, short rib meat loaf and more.

Joe's American Maine Lobster Roll

With so much food going around that night I picked some of my favorites of the night to share with you, starting with the Maine lobster roll. Now, its important I tell you that the lobster roll is served in the traditional form with a buttery split bun. They cut it up this way as we were eating family style that particular night. One thing I appreciate about Joe’s American is their willingness to modify your order which is not very common in the restaurant industry.

Joe's American Spinach & Artichoke dip

I was happy to try Joe’s very popular spinach and artichoke dip and it did not let me down. It is arguably the best spin dip I have ever had, I could eat it everyday  if it was acceptable. Yes, I just called it ‘spin dip’ which is a word that I picked up from chef Dan who is the man behind the menu. We had the privilege of meeting with him again and chatting about their fabulous food.

Joe's American Bar and Grill Chicken Piccata

So next dish we tried from the menu was chicken piccata. Made with roasted garlic, thyme, shallots, lemon confit, capellini with a caper-white wine sauce, its a definite flavor burst. If you love lemon and chicken this dish is worth trying.

Joe's American Bar and Grill New York Strip, sautéed mushrooms and asparagus

The steak speaks for itself and doesn’t need too much explaining. With a beautiful char, delicious  seasoning and the perfect degree of doneness it was just the best.  You can order some herb roasted cremini mushrooms and asparagus on the side for an absolutely delicious meal.

Joe's Mac and Five Cheese

The Joe’s Mac and Five Cheese was a big hit at our table as everyone could not stop digging into it. The five cheese combination is off the charts and includes Gruyère, cheddar, blue cheese, jack and Parmesan cheese. There is something that sets this mac and cheese apart from others, I am not sure what it was perhaps the blue cheese. Either way it was absolutely delicious.

Joes American Butterscotch pudding , 7 layer chocolate cake

No meal is complete without a delicious dessert and Joe’s doesn’t play when it comes to their deserts. Staying true to their classic and comfort food speciality, desert includes a seven layer chocolate cake, a butterscotch bread pudding and a seasonal creme brûlée. They also serve a fresh fruit crumble for those who want a slightly lighter option. I am still thinking about the butterscotch bread pudding, it was simply amazing! Joe’s is such a fun restaurant and worth the visit if you live next to one.

Joe’s Newbury is located 181 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116  – (617) 536-4200

Joe’s American Bar and Grill currently has 6 locations in Massachusetts, you can find the nearest location to you here.

Disclaimer: This meal was complementary however the content and opinions in this post are completely my own. click here for my full disclosure policy. 

Eating Out: Aceituna Grill, Fresh Mediterranean

I had the pleasure of being invited to Aceituna Grill, a mediterranean restaurant located in Kendall Square. Being a lover of Mediterranean food, I was very excited to try their food and Aceituna did not disappoint. The food was amazing and best of all it was fresh and you guys know how I feel about fresh food.

Aceituna grill vegan falafel with baba ganoush and moussaka

I ordered falafel over a bed of Tabbouleh with baba ganoush and moussaka on the side, it was yummy. Being a falafel fanatic who truly believes that if a restaurant knows how to make delicious falafel that is not too dry and flavorless then they really  know what they are doing. Aceituna certainly passed the test .

Aeituna Grill Spicy Chicken Shawarma with hummus and fattoush

I also had the rice plate with spicy chicken and chose the fattoush and hummus as my sides. The chicken is made on site everyday and is absolutely tender and delicious. My friend Kristin ordered the pita roll up, greek salad and she was raving about it. I will probably try it on my next visit.

Aceituna Grill Fresh food fresh ingredients

In addition to the tasty meal the owners took us on a tour of the restaurant and it was great to see the action in the back of the restaurant. Look at those fresh tomatoes! I love seeing fresh and local ingredients being served in restaurants.

Aceituna Grill sides

So the way the menu works is that you start with a base either a rice plate, salad or roll up then you choose your protein. Protein options are either beef & lamb shawarma, chicken shawarma, spicy chicken shawarma or vegan falafel. After the protein you choose sides. They have so many delicious options like spicy potatoes, hummus, fattoush, tabbouleh, greek salad, falafel and more. You also have to try the fried cauliflower which is off the charts.

Aceituna Grill Baklava

Because every great restaurant has delicious desserts, Aceituna is no exception and offers 2 traditional mediterranean desserts, baklava and osmalieh. Baklava is made with layers of filo pastry, nuts, honey and topped with a little ground pistachio. I loved that their baklava is not drenched in honey like some I have tried before. Osmalieh is made with ashta cream pastry and shredded filo pastry. The Osmalieh was my favorite as it is not too sweet.

5 Reasons you should try Aceituna Grill

While there are so many other reasons to try Aceituna Grill I have picked 5 of the main reasons I think you should try this restaurant.

  1. Delicious and affordable food: Every thing I ate at Aceituna was full of flavor and a party in my mouth. Good thing is you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy their delicious food.
  2. Fresh Ingredients: There is no denying that fresh ingredients are the key to delicious meals. Aceituna meals are made from scratch and fresh ingredients are used always. Even their chickpeas don’t come out of a can and the meat is not processed.
  3. Healthy menu options: You will not find any greasy and fatty foods in Aceituna grill, instead you will find freshly made salads, vegan falafel, shawarma which are foods that can be included in any healthy diet.
  4. Locally owned and locally sourced ingredients: I am all about supporting locally owned businesses that also locally source their ingredients as it contributes to the wellbeing of the community.
  5. Simple and authentic menu: I love that the food is true to its mediterranean background with traditional recipes. The menu is easy to figure out and ordering is a breeze.

If you are visiting Massachusetts I strongly suggest Aceituna Grill. They are located Kendall Square, Cambridge and are opening another location in Boston’s Seaport district. See below for location information.

Kendall Square   : Address605 W Kendall St. Cambridge, MA 02142 , Website: Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm Sat: 11:30am-8pm

Boston Seaport District (Coming soon), 57 Boston Wharf Rd. Boston, MA 02210


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Disclaimer: This meal was complementary however the opinions and content of this post are completely my own. 

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