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Good Eats Boston: By Chloe Seaport

February is over and I am happy to report that I have managed to stick to my 80/20 eating plan. Before you think this is some crazy diet, it’s not. The 80/20 eating plan means 80% plant based and 20% everything else. That means there are no restrictions, it’s all about moderation. I believe that it’s fine to have a slice of pizza or a piece of bacon sometimes. Thanks to restaurants like By Chloe it is easy to stick to my eating plan.

By Chloe Beet Mine Burger
Good Eats Boston: By Chloe Seaport

Following my 80/20 eating plan means careful consideration when choosing restaurants. Although most restaurants dedicate part of their menu to plant based dishes, it is usually a small section with really boring dishes. Unlike California where I feel like there are more vegetarian and vegan restaurants, Boston is slowly upping it’s game with vegan and vegetarian restaurants. By Chloe being one of them.

Good Eats Boston: By Chloe Seaport

You may be familiar with by Chloe from a previous post I wrote about them. They are a vegan fast casual restaurant with delicious and creative menu items. Recently I tried their Beet Mine Burger, made with a beet-lentil-walnut patty topped with sauteed mushrooms, sauteed kale, pickled red onion, truffled basil aioli‌ and served on whole grain bun. This is by far one of the best vegan burgers I have had.

I added a side of air baked sweet potato fries and a seasonal lemonade to drink. Next time I would like to try the Guac burger which my new photographer friend Becky had. The Guac‌ burger is made with a black bean-quinoa-sweet potato patty, guacamole, corn salsa, lettuce, tomato, onion, tortilla strips, chipotle aioli on a whole grain bun. They do offer gluten free option for those who need.

Good Eats Boston: By Chloe Seaport
By Chloe Seaport Swing Chairs

There is something to be said for the simple, bright and clean ambiance that each By Chloe location has. I absolutely love succulent flower wall and the swinging chairs at the By Chloe Seaport location. With locations in Boston, New York, Providence, Los Angeles and London already, I feel this is not the last time we will hear about By Chloe. Check them out at

Good Eats Boston: Moon Bar

Last Saturday we headed out to Moon Bar; a casual and super chill spot in Boston with delicious bites and drinks. The small corner bar serves some amazingly fresh seafood plates and the curated wine selection is on point. Even the hubby was converted to a white wine lover after trying a glass of German Riesling from the menu. Moon Bar is a great choice if you don’t want to spend tons of money but still want to get very good seafood.

One of my favorite items on the menu was the smoked mussel toast made with pumpkin, sage, roasted garlic aioli and sourdough. As a lover of toast with toppings, I would have never thought of mussels on toast but it works very well in this dish. The different textures in each ingredient create the perfect bite.

SWORDFISH SOULVAKI - Moon BarThe Swordfish Soulvaki with garlic, oregano, lemon, cucumber, tomatoes, chickpeas, yogurt and pita is one menu item I simply cannot forget. There was no rubbery and tough texture. It was very tender, well seasoned and cooked to perfection. From the many seafood restaurants I visited, this was best cooked swordfish I have ever tasted.

Another favorite was the the fish tacos. Made with beer battered fish, cabbage slaw, cilantro, red onion pickles and a Thoreau sauce. These tacos are worth trying on your next visit to Moon Bar.

We tried a few other small plates including Poke with Spanish mackerel and a smoked bluefish plate which were all tasty. Overall the food is great and the wine is amazing. I highly recommend Moon Bar if you are in the Boston area.

Because of it’s location, the bar has become a great hang out spot for many locals and visitors staying in the nearby hotels. Moon Bar is located downstairs from Mooncusser fish house which is already on Boston’s best list for Seafood. The hubs and I plan on going there next time for date night and I can’t wait to try it out.

Moon Bar Location:

304 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116 Get Directions

Phone: (617) 917-5193


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Good Eats Boston: Cusser’s Roast Beef & Seafood

As new fast casual eateries continue to pop up around Boston, i’ve tried to sample each new one. Cusser’s Roast Beef & Seafood is one of Boston’s newest casual, on-the-go lunch spots which includes a take-out window. That’s right, a take out window! The take out window adds a nice old school element to this already fun restaurant.

Cusser's Roast Beef Sandwiches
                Cusser’s Roast Beef Sandwiches. Photo by Brian Samuels

Cusser's Hot Dog
         Cusser’s Hot Dog. Photo by Brian Samuels

Cusser's Roast Beef Sandwiches.
         Cusser’s Roast Beef Sandwiches. Photo by Brian Samuels

Menu offerings include the classic North Shore style Roast beef sandwich, A juicy hotdog with B&B pickle relish, Hot & Cold Lobster rolls, Fish tacos and lots more. In addition to Beef and Seafood, there is something for everyone including salads, soups and sweets.

Cusser's Whoopie Pie
       Cusser’s Whoopie Pie. Photo by Brian Samuels

This is an awesome spot for those who are on the go but still want delicious food for lunch. If you prefer you can order to eat inside as well. Let me know what you think when you head out there! 

Location and Hours:  304 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116  Monday through Friday 11:30AM – 2PM. If you are looking for another good eats spot in Boston, click here

Good Eats Boston: Select Oyster Bar

My Fiancé is a seafood lover so I am often searching for great seafood spots in Boston. One place that is always recommended to me is Select Oyster Bar. With so many accolades and their popularity for serving high quality delicious seafood, the Good Eats Boston feature of the week is Select Oyster bar restaurant.

Select Oyster Bar oysters
            Photos by: Brian Samuels

If you love seafood and are looking for a fun dinner out Select Oyster Bar is the place to be on Tuesday April 3rd. To celebrate their 3 year anniversary, Chef Michael Serpa will be throwing a fab celebration with colleagues from Myers + Chang, SRV, haley.henry, and pop up sensation, East Boston Oysters. This will be an an amazing evening of roses and rose-friendly dishes. I mean can it really get better than Oysters and Rose?!

Select Oyster Bar was named one of Boston’s best by Improper Bostonian for seafood in 2015 & 2016 and Boston’s Best Raw Bar in 2017. They have also recently been named one of “The 8 Restaurants Making Seafood exciting in Boston by the Robb Report. The food Network also included Select Oyster Bar in its latest round up of “The Best Restaurants in Boston,” 2018. Clearly this seafood spot knows what they are doing and they are worth a visit.

Oysters from Select Oyster Bar, Boston Oysters, Good Eats Boston

Oysters from Select Oyster Bar, Boston Oysters, Good Eats Boston
           Photos by: Brian Samuels

 Select Oyster Bar is located on 50 Gloucester Street, Boston, MA 02115.

Call 857-239-8064 or email for general inquiries. Visit the Select Oyster Bar Website  for reservations and more.

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