Hot Fashion Find: Bronze Blazer

Ok, I know its like 80 degrees outside but the evenings still get a little chilly so layering is still going on except its on a lighter level. This bronze blazer is probably one of the best fashion finds I have made recently. It has the fitted and well tailored look that I love. Made by Tahari, a brand that makes good quality and classic clothing there is so much to love about it. If you are thinking of getting a blazer, I am sharing some fun ways to wear them today.

Hot Fashion Find: Bronze Blazer Hot Fashion Find: Bronze Blazer Hot Fashion Find: Bronze Blazer

Hot Fashion Find: Bronze Blazer

This is the kind of look that you can rock at work and after work.  The combination of bronze and black or black and brown used to be frowned upon but that has since changed. More and more people are pairing the two shades together like I did with this bronze blazer outfit.

I recently posted this look on my Instagram and people went crazy over this blazer. Blazers are the one closet staple that will easily transform your look from frumpy to well put together in a second. There are 3 other color blazers that are a must in every closet…black, white and navy blue. Here are 3 ways to wear them. You can also read my blazer basics post here

3 ways to wear blazers;

  1. White blazer with, blue jeans nude heels. Make sure the white blazer is fitted for a even more slick look. There is something about a crisp white blazer that looks elegant.
  2. Wear a black blazer with a pair of blue jeans, white tee and white sneakers for a very casual and chic look.
  3. Navy blue blazer, white jeans and white tee. This very nautical combination is crisp, clean and works all the time. You can rock it with nude, blue and brown shoes.

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Baby Blue Basics: How to wear it

Are you looking for your next outfit color combo? How about black and baby blue! I got this blue blazer recently and have been looking different ways to wear it. There are a few colors that work very well with baby blue but my favorite so far is the black and blue combination. The blue pops really well against the black. Not to worry I do have other color suggestions that you can wear with this lovely hue.




baby blue blazer



4 Different ways to wear baby blue

  1. This color works very well with coral or peach. I have seen a number of fashionista’s rocking this combo and it looked great.
  2. White is a nice choice if you are looking for a clean and crisp look. I like the idea of white pants and a blue top or blazer.
  3. Navy blue is another one that works with baby blue. Since you are staying in the blue family these too colors blend very well.
  4. Overall baby blue works with a lot of pastel colors but you can liven things up by pairing with florals prints in the summer.

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How to wear a Blush Blazer

Hello Loves! A blush blazer is taking the spotlight in this week’s outfit post. As some of you already know, I have an obsession with blazers judging from my previous posts. When I came across this one at my local TJ Maxx on clearance for $12.00 I thought I was seeing things. This blazer is very different from most blazers I own because it is made of soft cotton and therefore a little more casual and less structured.

blush blazer

How I styled a Blush blazer

blush blazer


Blush Blazer

You will start to see a lot of soft colors like blush also known as ‘bubblegum pink’ now that the weather is warming up so don’t be scared to try them. There is something that screams spring fresh when you wear bright colors. What I love about this blazer is that it goes very well with blue jeans. This color would look really crisp if paired with white too Now that I am on blazer number 8 I am already thinking of the next color to go shopping for, I am open to your suggestions guys so your comments are always welcome!

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Black, mustard and gold

I am so excited that I finally got to wear an outfit that did not involve socks, gloves or 3 layers of clothing this week. I am sure any fashionista out there would agree that the best part about spring is the fact that we can finally bring out our fave heels and flats.
I am a serious blazer addict and my favorite blazer is this mustard colored piece I got from my stylish sister. This color may seem intimidating but when paired with a simple color like black or white it mellows out. I wore mine with gold jewelry and black skinnies for a super chic look.
Would you wear a colored blazer?

Style spotlight: Blazers

I am so obsessed with blazers to a point were I have blazer section in my closet. Lately I have been looking for a white blazer like the one Beyonce is wearing below and I just can’t seem to find the right one. White blazer where are you? I know you are out there waiting for me to find you!

The thing I love about Blazers is their ability to make one look put together without even trying hard. Blazers are a chic closet staple and every girl should have one as far as I am concerned. 
Last weekend it was rainy and cool so I had the perfect excuse to wear a mustard blazer that my sister got me last year. I paired it with black skinny jeans, black top and gladiator sandals for a very casual look. 

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