Store Review: My Russo’s experience

In my last post I mentioned trying out a popular produce Market named Russo’s and boy am I addicted to this store. This fresh fruit and veg market has become one of my go to stores in addition to Whole foods and Trader Joe’s which I now call the fabulous trio.
The quality and wide selection of produce in this store is amazing. The moment you get out of your car you will see an array of beautiful fresh flowers for sale, take a few steps and you are in their organic produce section…..heaven. 

I went a little crazy shopping in their organic section as I love to use organic produce for my daily juices, only to realize 20 minutes later that I hadn’t ventured inside the store. When I entered the store I couldn’t believe they had even more fruit and veg….this place is huge. At the entrance I grabbed 3 large grapefruit for $.95 a lb and I thought I was losing my mind when the pint of blueberries I got cost only $1.98. 

An hour later my cart was filled with all sorts of fresh goodies from yummy wholegrain bread to bok choy. Did I mention they make pasta in the store! I got some freshly made cheese tortellini and next time I will try their spaghetti.
I could write about this store all day so I will conclude by recommending you visit this store if you are in the Metro west area. Russo’s is located at 560 Pleasant street , Watertown, MA …. Happy shopping

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