Talking Spices: storage and new flavors

If you love spices this post is for you! My boyfriend is originally from Grenada so every now and then I get to receive the best spices from his family whenever they visit. Grenada is a beautiful Island in the Caribbean and is known as the Spice island as it is one of the largest exporters of spice varieties like nutmeg. What I love about Grenadian spices is that salt is usually not included or it is not one of the main ingredients and therefore all you are getting is the spice itself for greater depth in flavor

Grenada Spices

Recently  I received a batch of some of my favorites including nutmeg and cinnamon but I am specially excited about the bergamot which I haven’t used before. I was glad they explained that it is used for cakes and pastries on the bottle otherwise I would have been using it in my stews or roasts. Today I sprinkled a little if it in my milk for the yoghurt I was making and I am thinking its going to add a fun unique flavor. If this little experiment with bergamot in yogurt works I will be happy to share the yogurt recipe soon.

Grenada spices

How to store your spices

  1. Spices usually lose their intensity when they have been out in the open for a while. I suggest replacing your spices after every 5 or 6 months for maximum flavor.
  2. Store them in a cool dark place away from heat. I admit there are some really cute spice stands that look good on the kitchen counter and I am guilty of owning one. I tend to use it for spices that I use daily like onion powder, garlic powder, pepper and dried herbs as they are usually used up in a few weeks.
  3. Buy whole instead of ground. Whole spices last much longer than ground and if you are not up to all the work that come with them you can use a coffee or spice grinder whenever you need them.

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    • I love Earl Grey tea and I have never tried double bergamot Early Grey, need to look for that. Thanks for mentioning it!

  1. I grimaced when I read about storing spices in a cool, dark place, because I’m so guilty of doing the opposite. I absolutely know your suggestion is the right way to do it, yet I have a spice turntable right next to my oven, where it’s nice and hot. Oh well.

    Great article! I’m envious of your spice adventures. 🙂

  2. I didn’t know you were supposed to change up your spices every 5-6 months! There are definitely some in my pantry I should be replacing!

    • I was surprised when i found that out a while back. I find that they start to lose their flavor right around that time.

  3. They look amazing! I love good spices! Great tips! Most of the spices I have I dont have to worry about switching them out every 5-6 months because they are gone before then! 😉 But the ones I dont use as often I normally purge.

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