SkinnyPop wine and popcorn pairing guide

I am so glad Scandal is back on TV and there is one thing that Olivia Pope and I have in common other than our love for classic style, it’s the love for wine and popcorn. I have started to make it a little tradition of mine to record  episodes of Scandal and watch it Friday night with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine. Trying to figure out the best wine and popcorn pairing can be a little tricky so the people at Skinny pop have made it very easy to decide with this graphic below.

SkinnyPop Wine and popcorn pairing guide

So here is how this lovely guide works. First, choose your favorite popcorn, I love SkinnyPop’s original flavor. Next step is to look at the guide for the best wine pairing for your popcorn and follow the line that links the wine and popcorn flavor. In my case since I am going with the original flavor It shows me that I can pair it with Chardonnay or Malbec. Being a big fan of red wine, I opted for the Malbec.

Skinny pop wine and popcorn pairing guide

Last step,  grab your bag of popcorn, pour yourself a glass of wine, wear comfy clothes and watch your favorite tv show. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect night at home. I live for these kind of days!

Skinny pop wine and popcorn pairing

5 Reason’s to love SkinnyPop popcorn

  1. It’s non GMO, which means SkinnyPop popcorn doesn’t contain any genetically modified ingredients.
  2. Preservative free, For example a bag of the original flavor includes popcorn, sunflower oil and salt only, nothing else.
  3. Free from artificial flavors, You will not find any ingredients you can’t pronounce in a bag of SkinnyPop popcorn.
  4. Zero trans fat, Trans fat increase your cholesterol levels and increase your chance of heart disease. Knowing I’m snacking on something with zero trans fat surely makes me feel good.
  5. Absolutely delicious: It is very had to find snacks that are good for you and taste delicious,  Skinny pop is one of those. Its truly a guilt free and is a tasty snack.

The next time you are trying to figure out what to snack on, try pairing popcorn and wine. You will be glad you did! You can find out more about SkinnyPop here. If you are looking for another snack to add to your TV watching routine, check out these delicious Watermelon Feta triangles.

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  1. I love to watch a recorded marathon of my favorite shows and popcorn is a must when binge watching. I’m crazy for Skinny Pop and need to try all the different flavors.

  2. Once in awhile it is nice to spend the day watching a tv or move marathon. Having your favorite drink and snack which always includes popcorn is a must.

  3. I have been wanting to try this popcorn but have not done so yet. I think pairing it with a wine would be awesome especially when both of them are skinny!

  4. Skinny Pop popcorn actually rings a bell for me. I think a friend of mine has tried it before – gotta try it out for myself! I have a lot of baby weight that I’d like to lose and snacking is my total enemy.

  5. I really like Skinny Pop popcorn. I have never thought about pairing it with wine for movie night before now!

  6. I just bought a bag of that popcorn the other day… it’s so good! I plan on eating more of it during the Oscars as I daydream about dating my celebrity crush when he is shown by the cameras…lol Dang I want him, BUT I’ll settle for skinnypop popcorn instead (sad sigh that I can’t have both!)

  7. I love skinny pop popcorn! This is wonderful. Although I don’t drink wine, I’m sure this will be helpful to those who do!

  8. Ooooo I don’t thing you can get any better than wine and skinny pop for a snack!! I will have to try and pair it up!!!

  9. ALL THE YES!!! I loooove Skinny Pop popcorn! I love that it’s so guilt free and all of the flavors are so delicious. You’d never know how low fat/cal it really is! Love your pairings!

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