3 things to know before selecting your bridesmaids dresses

When planning your perfect day there is one thing that is sure to be a hot topic besides the bride’s dress….the bridesmaids dresses. Bridesmaids dresses have had a bad reputation because in the past brides believed that all their bridesmaids should wear the exact same dress which meant some bridesmaids were stuck in unflattering dresses. Well, gone are those days of ugly bridesmaids dresses as brides have moved away from cookie cutter dresses and have become more flexible in their choices.
To simplify things I have the 3 main things that will help you select the right bridesmaids dresses and prevent a disastrous bridal party look.


      1.   Remember you are dealing with people who have
different heights, body shapes and personalities so its important the dresses suit each individual. The dresses don’t have to be similar, the key is to make the dresses have something in common like the color, fabric
or even the accessories. You can even opt for different shades of the same color. The goal here is to have everyone looking great in their dresses.
       2. Go for elegant as opposed to wow factor
dresses. The designs should not be over the top, for example big bows, puffy
sleeves or ruffles don’t scream elegance. Frankly, if the
bridesmaids cannot wear the dresses anywhere else after the wedding then they
are probably not the right choice. It would be nice if they are able to reuse the dress for a
gala or some black tie event in the future.
      3.  I know you can’t help being a bridezilla and you
want to control every aspect of the wedding but it would not hurt to ask your
bridesmaids what they like and even go dress shopping with them. Ultimately you have the last say and you can’t make everyone happy but asking them will help select the right fit for each individual.

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  1. Great tips. I completely agree with you that bridesmaids dresses don't have to be the same. They should flatter everyone and make them feel great. No bride wants to see a miserable bridesmaid on her wedding day.

  2. Some good tips for people who are ready to choose their bridesmaid dresses. I asked them all if they liked the dress and were happy with it and had them all try it on before I ordered so I knew that they felt comfortable in it ad it complimented everyone.

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