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Fall fashion Essentials for women

I have been meaning to share a fall fashion essentials list and I am so glad that it’s finally here. Fall has got to be one of the most stylish seasons as far as I am concerned. Think of the different textures, layers and warm colors that you can wear in the fall. If you have each of these items in your closet then you are pretty much all set for fall.

Fall Fashion Essentials

The Fall Fashion essentials list

1.Scarfs: These are a great way to take your look from boring to stylish in one second. Try different styles in scarfs from wool, cotton, floral to plaid. Infinity scarfs are so much fun because they are easy to wear and look super chic. Try blanket scarfs for cooler days.
2.Jackets and sweaters: Since it’s not too cold in the fall, light jackets and sweaters are an absolute must have. I love leather jackets and blazers in the fall but I am thinking of getting a cute bomber jacket as they seem to be a hot item this fall. When shopping for jackets always make sure that they are not too big or too small, It has to be a perfect fit to look good.
3.Booties: These are the quintessential fall shoe of choice for all fashionistas. This season the peep toe and block heeled booties are hot items and very stylish. Booties are perfectly versatile because they can be worn with dresses, leggings, skinny jeans and pretty much anything.

I have selected a few of my favorite fall items and hopefully I can inspire you to go shopping for some fab fall items. Be sure to check out my instagram page for outfit ideas.

Fall fashion

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How to style White Jeans

We are still experiencing beautiful warm weather in Boston so I am happy that I still enjoy my summer outfits. This week’s outfit features jeans, a green sleeveless top with flats. This is the kind of look you can wear if you need to be casual for a trip to the mall or a barbecue.




How to style white jeans

White jeans are a great summer staple and can be styled in so many ways with so many colors which makes them a great summer staple. Here are some tips on wearing white and looking fabulous.

  1. Wear them with a soft print top: White looks amazing with soft prints. Soft prints are prints that are not too dark or heavy. You will notice that I wore my white jeans with a sleeveless top that has a soft print.
  2. Go classic black and white: This color jeans also looks good with a black top, I like to wear mine with a crisp black shirt for work or a simple black tee when I want to go super casual.
  3. White on White: I know this may seem a bit much but if you have seen an all white look you will understand the appeal. If you want to break the white you could wear white jeans with a different color top and a white blazer.
  4. Pair it with a pastel color: Colors like baby blue and bubblegum pink look really great with white pants.

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Baby Blue Basics: How to wear it

Are you looking for your next outfit color combo? How about black and baby blue! I got this blue blazer recently and have been looking different ways to wear it. There are a few colors that work very well with baby blue but my favorite so far is the black and blue combination. The blue pops really well against the black. Not to worry I do have other color suggestions that you can wear with this lovely hue.




baby blue blazer



4 Different ways to wear baby blue

  1. This color works very well with coral or peach. I have seen a number of fashionista’s rocking this combo and it looked great.
  2. White is a nice choice if you are looking for a clean and crisp look. I like the idea of white pants and a blue top or blazer.
  3. Navy blue is another one that works with baby blue. Since you are staying in the blue family these too colors blend very well.
  4. Overall baby blue works with a lot of pastel colors but you can liven things up by pairing with florals prints in the summer.

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Black and white: How to wear it well

Hello loves! This week’s outfit includes a Black and White casual ensemble that was simple to put together. The classic color combination of black and white is one that will always work no matter what. I also find that this combination creates a very modern and crisp look that will give you a certain elegance. Since it refuses to warm up, I wore a black long sleeved sweater, blazer, white cropped skinny jeans and accessorized with a statement necklace to give it some pizzaz!

black and white outfit

Black and white outfit

black and white outfit


Tips on wearing black and white:

Wearing black and white is a no brainer however there are 3 things to consider before you do:

  1. Stay within the color theme: If you are wearing a black top and white pants or vice versa, avoid wearing a pink and yellow scarf for example. I know this may seem restricting and old school but it really just doesn’t work. You want to keep the color them flowing.
  2. Accessorize: To avoid looking too plain unless thats the look you are going for which is totally fine on some days. Add some accessories to make your outfit fabulous. See how I wore a statement necklace to give a bit of character. You can also go simpler with a dainty necklace and stud earrings. White pearls also work well with these 2 colors.
  3. Watch out for stains: Last but not least, when wearing an outfit with white you have to be more careful than usual were you sit, how you eat etc. as you can easily turn your crisp look into a messy one. I have noticed that even the smallest stain on white just ruins the entire outfit.

When was the last time you wore a black and white outfit? How do you like to style it? I would love to know you thoughts on this topic , your comments are always welcome!

Going Neutral for Spring


Spring is finally here and I am rocking neutral colors! Although we just had a snow storm 2 days ago in Boston the days are starting to warm up which means time to bring out the high heels. I was invited to the Dress Barn store at University Station shopping center in Westwood and I have to admit I was a little skeptical since its not my typical store. After a few minutes in the store I was pleasantly surprised with the trendy dresses and accessories that Dress Barn carries. I happily walked out with this neutral colored hat and blazer that I am currently obsessed with.




What I am wearing:

Blazer: Dress Barn    Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: Mark Fisher

Disclaimer: Although items in this post were complimentary, the opinions and views are completely my own. 


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