Saturday style clinic: How to keep your hands and feet looking good.

Today the focus is hands and feet. One of my tips on a previous post on how to be stylish and elegant was to keep yourself well groomed. I have noticed that every elegant woman always has her nails in good condition no matter what.
You don’t have to spend loads of money at the nail salon to keep your nails looking good. All you need is nail clipper, nail file and a good nail polish. OPI is a great brand to use if you are looking for long lasting and good quality nail color.

If you are thinking of treating yourself to a manicure at the nail salon, my first suggestion would be a french gel manicure (see picture above) . French manicures instantly give your hands a classic elegant look and they look good on all skin tones. 
If you are feeling more adventurous you can try some color on your nails. I personally love plums, pale pink and deep reds on short nails however there are so many other colors to chose from nowadays.
Now that warm weather is here, it means time to bring out the scandals and flip flops that have been hiding in your closet. Before you wear those cute scandals make sure your toe nails are in good shape and your feet are moisturized. 
Have you ever seen a woman wearing the most gorgeous shoes but her feet just look wrong? I have seen this many times and it ain’t pretty. A lot of people focus on their hands and completely forget their feet because they think nobody will see them. Unfortunately people notice them and that is why it important to take care of your feet too. 
Why not treat yourself to a pedicure and foot treatment this summer, your feet deserve it.
 Tips for keeping your hands and feet looking good
  • Always make sure your nails are kept clean and not too long.
  • Use a good hand and foot cream to prevent ashy looking skin on your hands and nails.
  • Color looks best on short nails, very long nails are tacky.
  • Keep nail art to a minimum , too much of anything is never good. 
  • Remove nail polish when it starts to chip and peel off. A huge pet peeve of mine is chipped nail polish, it is better to go with bare nails than chipped nails.
  • Wear colors that go with your skin tone and clothing e.g bright yellow and white are not good color choices.
  • Last but not least, always wear gloves when doing housework. This will protect your hands from harsh chemicals makes a huge difference to your hands.

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