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Are you one of those people that have so many purses in their closet but always wear the same one every day? I am definitely one of those girls. Nowadays our lifestyles are so busy that switching purses is a big hassle which brings me to the Miche bag! The Miche bag is a bag with changeable covers meaning you never have to move your belongings to get a different looking purse.
The Miche bag concept is very simple and genius. You start with a base bag then add any one of their stylish shells to go with your outfit. The great thing is that you can give your Miche bag the look you want in less than 4 seconds.
My workmate Eileen came with a Miche bag to work the other day and showed me the look book that she got from her friend Carrie who is a representative of the brand. There are so many styles to choose from so by the end of the day I was obsessed with their bags.
To wear a Miche bag you start with a  base bag , in this case I am using their classic base bag.
Follow with the shell of your choice. All you have to do is attach it to the the base bag. It has an invisible  magnetic strip that makes it very easy to attach.
In just a few seconds you have a different look for your bag and can go about your day. How easy!

Interested in a fabulous Miche bag ?  Click this link  to get in touch with Miche bag representative Carrie. 

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  1. I had purchased a Miche bag at Costco oh probably 8 years ago- have never used it yet.. Is missing 2 links (hoops) that attach to the handles.. is there any chance of getting the 2 that were missing when I bought the bag– not expecting to get them for nothing– but again they were suppose to come with the bag– my mailing address is 940 Indian Meal Line, Portugal Cove,NL, Canada A1M 3C8 if you wish to send me 2 of the rings. Thank you.

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