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Shrimp Macaroni and Cheese

Last Sunday I was in the mood for some comfort food so I looked around and noticed I had some cheese and shrimp in the fridge. I always have pasta and flour in my pantry so I thought what could be more comforting than good old delicious Mac and Cheese. I decided to make a shrimp Mac and Cheese instead of plain. The secret…

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Designer style for less

I am certainly one of those girls that like the finer things in life. The only problem with this is that I do not have a budget to match my love for these things.My mother is probably one of he most stylish women I know and she has a love for bags which my sister and I have inherited .Occasionally she…

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Easy Chick Pea Salad

I am always on the lookout for quick healthy dishes and I recently came across a chickpea salad recipe on a can of chickpeas. I recommend that you always look behind food packages before you throw them away. Most packages have recipes that are easy to make and they usually don’t involve a million ingredients. I cannot wait to try a coconut…

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Fragrance talk

My mum gave me my first bottle of Chanel perfume a few years ago and since then I have an appreciation for fine fragrance. I believe every woman should wear a good perfume and I am not talking about those celebrity scents that you get at the drug store. I find fragrances to be an extension of one’s style and…

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Lemon and herb roast Chicken

Making roast chicken may seem like a daunting task for the inexperienced cook, however It is one of the simplest ways to make chicken in my opinion. Instead of buying rotisserie chicken at the grocery store try to make your own at home.Today I will share with you a simple recipe  that I use often , the curry powder gives it…

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