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Saturday style clinic : How to wear brown

I used to think brown was dull and boring until I discovered that this earthy color is style gold. Brown looks great with cream and believe it or not it also looks great with turquoise. Don’t listen to those old school people who tell you that you cannot wear black with brown because you can. For example, I like to…

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Savory Tuesday : Easy grilled cheese sandwich

Ever have days when you are craving chocolate,  pizza or ice cream ? Well, you are not alone. As much as I am a health nut, every once in a while I crave something cheesy or sweet. Yesterday I was craving a grilled cheese sandwich all day so I made one for dinner. I believe that deprivation is never the answer to…

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Saturday Style Clinic : Sweater dresses

I used to be on of those girls that would not wear a dress in winter until I discovered the ‘Sweater Dress’ This is a knitted or crocheted dress that provides warmth and style. Sweater dresses are flattering and extremely versatile making them a cool weather essential. I personally love wearing mine with a belt , tights and knee high boots ….

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Grilled Chicken wings with Moroccan Couscous salad

Way before I became obsessed with cooking ,the only food I ate was rice , potatoes and pasta. With time I discovered that there were more side dish options like Quinoa , Couscous and Polenta that could be added to my daily rotation. These not only add variety to your diet but they are also good for you. See my post on quinoa for its health benefits. Today’s recipe is…

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Fashion Friday : Is your closet ready for winter ?

Wool coat : Every girl should own a good quality wool coat because they are timeless and very elegant. Black and camel are good colors to start with and then you can get adventurous with other colors later. Many coats are made of polyester which is not the best fabric so make sure you choose one made of wool or a wool blend .It…

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