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Super Easy Black Bean Taco Recipe

It’s the 3rd week in a row that the hubby and I are exploring a mainly vegetarian diet and it has been amazing. We have not gone completely vegetarian as we sometimes have fish or chicken once a week. Eating meatless meals regularly has not only improved our well being, it has also increased our creativity in the kitchen. This…

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How to choose wedding Shoes

Now that you have found your wedding dress, the next item on your list are the shoes. Understandably choosing the dress is the highlight of the entire process but the shoes deserve some thought and excitement too. The wrong shoes can ruin an entire outfit, so you do not want that to happen with one of the most glamorous outfits…

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Easy & Perfect Instant Pot Quinoa Recipe

Ever since I got my Instant Pot life in the kitchen has gotten much easier. Because I have been doing a lot of meal prep on Sundays for the week ahead, making a large amount of quinoa is part of the process. After looking for the easiest way to make perfect fluffy quinoa I am happy to say I have…

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Easy Peasy Mashed Pea Toast

Breaking news! Avocado toast is out and mashed pea toast is in! If you are on instagram you probably saw a million pictures of avocado toast last year. I am going to say avo toast is so 2018 and 2019 is all about mashed pea toast. Don’t get me wrong avo toast is still a favorite of mine but its…

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Easy No Frosting Jumbo Chocolate Cupcakes

No frosting cupcakes? You are probably wondering why anyone would ever want to make cupcakes with no frosting. I totally understand your concern. Frosting is awesome on cupcakes but sometimes you just need to enjoy the cake on its own. Perhaps you are cutting down on your calorie intake, have allergies or want to use the cupcakes as a base…

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