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Sweet and Sour Bow Tie Pasta Salad

If you were given the challenge to make an easy dish with one unlikely ingredient what would you make? I was recently working on a campaign with the Soy Vay brand and they encouraged us to make a simple dish with an unlikely combination of ingredients. This got my creative juices flowing but after much debate I decided to go with…

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Lantera: A Boston Luxury Apartment Community

If you are looking for a beautiful apartment community in Boston with top-notch amenities and luxurious living then Lantera probably popped up on your search list. I took a tour during their grand opening event and absolutely loved the space. Located in the Brighton neighborhood it’s the perfect place for you if you like to live near the city, universities,…

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Kale, Egg and Cheese Quesadillas

According to , corn tortillas date all the way back to around 10,000 years BC when they were made of corn and dried kernel. The common flour tortillas were later created based on Spanish influence and have since gained enormous popularity; even surpassing the sales of white bread in some cases. Very understandable because tortillas are awesome! They allow us to…

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Easy Oven Baked Vegetable Frittata

Frittata! Isn’t it a word that you would like to say 10 million times because it has such a nice ring to it. A frittata is an Italian dish made with beaten eggs. The word frittata comes from the Italian verb “friggere” which means “to fry”. Frittatas are a dish often made when one has leftovers that they want to use up….

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How to host an Elegant Bridal Shower

I have always loved hosting dinner parties at home. However, after my wedding this year I realized that planning events is something that I love to do as well. Bridal showers are traditionally planned by the mother of the bride or the maid of honor but since I live in a different country from my family, I broke tradition and…

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