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Easy Homemade Cranberry Juice

One of my favorite drinks is this tasty and refreshing Homemade Cranberry Juice with a splash of orange and lemon. As you know I am all about simple recipes that anyone can make. This one is no different.  To say this recipe is easy is an understatement. Once I learned how simple it is to make I was mad at…

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Easy Cranberry Oatmeal Squares

The moment the Stay at Home mandate started I remember thinking this is great. I envisioned myself having  a hot breakfast every morning, taking lunch breaks and going for walks. None of these things have actually happened because work has gotten busier than ever. Not having time to make breakfast every morning gave me the idea to make these easy…

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The best flower to grow in spring: Tulips

It has been raining quite a bit and although the rain is inconvenient, it is good for the plants. Spring time is one of my favorite times because flowers start to bloom and trees get their vibrant green color back. I love driving around the neighborhood and seeing homes that were once covered with snow covered with vibrant flowers and…

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Easy Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

Wow, another home-made bread! What is going on with me. The hubby and I have become quite the bakers since the stay at home mandate. Last week I made some flat breads and this week Marcus made some easy whole wheat bread. It has been very hard to find ingredients like yeast the last few weeks but it seems things…

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Easy No Yeast Garlic Flatbread

It’s the middle of April and the mandatory stay at home law is still in full effect. Being home all day every day has definitely increased my creativity and sense of adventure in the kitchen. The other day we were out of bread for breakfast and there were no open grocery delivery windows so I had to think of a…

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