Maxi Sweater dress: 3 reasons to get one

Have you heard of a Maxi Sweater dress? I did not know they existed until I found this one on a Victoria’s secret clothing catalog a while back. Since Its been a chilly spring in Boston, sweater dresses are very much in the mix, in fact it was so cool I actually had to layer it with a denim jacket. To spice things up I accessorized with a statement necklace and a gentleman’s hat. The dress was really made for a taller girl but you know that would not stop me, I actually kinda liked the way it almost touched the ground.

black maxi dress denim jacket


Black sweater maxi dress


3 Reasons you will love a Maxi dress

  1. It covers everything so you don’t have worry about showing your legs especially if you have skinny ones like I do. Maybe you haven’t had time to shave, I know this has happened to you at least once
  2. Maxi dresses are very comfortable. Its almost like wearing a bath robe but not really. There is something about having a long peace of cloth all over you body that feels very comfortable.
  3. They are very easy to style. This is probably one  of the most effortless looks you can put together. Just  throw the dress on, put a necklace on, wear some cute shoes and you are done.

I know this cool weather will stop at some point so I am excited to wear some long flowy summer dresses . What fashions are you looking forward to this summer?

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  1. I love Maxi dresses. It’s the simplest outfit to put together that can either be dressed up or dressed down.

  2. I love Maxi dresses. As I stay in Florida, its a perfect outfit for any casual outing! The best part is its so comfortable!

  3. I think the dress looks great on you.Love the accessories. Maxi sweater dress sounds really comfortable and looks very stylish !

  4. I love that with a statement necklace! It’s not really my style but it looks so chic on you. I’ve done the sweater dress thing (horrible memories of my first school dance and an awful pink sweater thing) but I really love this grown up, sophisticated version. You look awesome!

  5. A great classic, I have two hanging in my closet right now! LOVE THEM….. although mine are pretty much spring/summer pieces only, I’m on the prowl for a heavier sweater version this fall. Great post!

  6. I love maxi dresses! I wear one all the time with less fabric since this is florida and maxi dressed are a great way to keep cool during the summer.

  7. You look amazing, I have heard of them before but not yet taken the plunge . You have however inspired me to go get one, love how you styled it

  8. Maxi dresses are the “no think but look great” part of my wardrobe that I’d be lost without! I like the way you layered this one … cute, cute!

    and Boy is that Statement Necklace = BOLD! I’ve got a few that I wear frequently, but this one is amazing!! Guess who’s keeping her eyes peeled for something similar in my style!

  9. Gorgeous look, this is really fab! I love maxi dresses myself and the black is so stylish, especially with the necklace and cute hat.

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