Lemon and herb roast Chicken

Making roast chicken may seem like a daunting task for the inexperienced cook, however It is one of the simplest ways to make chicken in my opinion. Instead of buying rotisserie chicken at the grocery store try to make your own at home.Today I will share with you a simple recipe  that I use often , the curry powder gives it a nice unique flavor.All you will need for a roast chicken is an oven and a few spices and herbs, did I mention you will have loads of leftovers for chicken sandwiches, yummy!

The picture below is of a roast chicken made by my awesome brother Ash. I would like to mention that this was his first roast chicken. So proud !

 1 4 pound chicken
1/2  a stock celery
onion powder
1 lemon
4 cloves garlic
handful of fresh rosemary , thyme and sage
2 tbsp butter or olive oil
1 tsp mild curry powder
salt and pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Rinse the chicken in and out ,pat dry with paper towels
  3. Squeeze half the lemon around chicken and rub butter or olive oil all over the chicken.
  4. Sprinkle generous amount of salt, pepper, curry powder and onion powder all over the chicken including the inside.
  5. Place garlic, celery , herbs , a little butter and half the lemon inside the chicken cavity .
  6. Place chicken in roasting pan along with any vegetables of your choice, make sure you coat vegetables with olive oil and place a few sprigs of rosemary in the pan.
  7. Bake uncovered for 2 hrs ,make sure you let chicken stand for about 10 minutes before carving.

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