How to wear black with brown

Can you wear black with brown, absolutely! Do not believe whatever they told you about never wearing black and brown. Its almost like that outdated statement that you cant wear white after labor day, of course you can. Brown is a hot color in the fall and I love how it looks with black. In this week’s outfit I paired my favorite brown boots with black skinnies and a black jacket. This color combination is very undestated and looks great all the time.

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How to Wear Brown with Black

There are so many ways to wear black and brown however today I am sharing 4 of my favorite ways to wear these 2 lovely colors.

  1. Black Jeans/Pants with brown boots: This is my favorite way to wear black with brown in the fool. The shade of brown is key, the deeper the brown the better however you don want it to be a dark brown just a rich brown. See the color of my boots.
  2. Black Pants with Brown belt and black top: If you have seen someone with a black pants and a brown belt you know what I mean. The brown belt is enough to break the black while making you look put together.
  3. Black outfit brown bag: picture a an all black look with brown bag, super chic. The Louis Vuitton bags are perfect for this look however any other brown bag looks great too.
  4. Black top brown scarf or pashmina: I have done this combo so many times and it looks amazing especially if the scarf you wear has some texture or unique design to it.

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  1. I love this look and your entire outfit! I know that I often am aware that the black and brown clothing choices cause me to hesitate – So great post that I enjoyed

  2. I think it is wonderful when people take fashion risks…even when it is something as simple as wearing black and brown together. Your boots are gorgeous and totally make your outfit look polished and perfect!

  3. These were some great style tips! I struggle in the style department but reading style and fashion blogs has really helped me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are great tips!!! I know my wife can pull this combination off quite often where as I tend to rely on her to help me decide if it works for me.

  5. I actually like black and brown together!!! Makes me happy that this is actually more acceptable these days!!!

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