Baby Blue Basics: How to wear it

Are you looking for your next outfit color combo? How about black and baby blue! I got this blue blazer recently and have been looking different ways to wear it. There are a few colors that work very well with baby blue but my favorite so far is the black and blue combination. The blue pops really well against the black. Not to worry I do have other color suggestions that you can wear with this lovely hue.

IMG_8976IMG_8979IMG_8978baby blue blazer



4 Different ways to wear baby blue

  1. This color works very well with coral or peach. I have seen a number of fashionista’s rocking this combo and it looked great.
  2. White is a nice choice if you are looking for a clean and crisp look. I like the idea of white pants and a blue top or blazer.
  3. Navy blue is another one that works with baby blue. Since you are staying in the blue family these too colors blend very well.
  4. Overall baby blue works with a lot of pastel colors but you can liven things up by pairing with florals prints in the summer.

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  1. I love your blazer! I’m branching out and buying more colors than black and gray. I think I’ll pick up something baby blue.

    • Thank you Leslie. I too am really trying to switch it up from black, getting there slowly but surely

  2. Very nice color combo outfit. The blazer looks good on you. I love blue but my warm undertones disagree with light pastel cool tone colors. SADLY, I cannot pull off with baby blue.

  3. I agree that the black really makes the baby blue pop. Matching it with black also helps keeping baby blue grownup and not something you would see a child wearing.

  4. Omg how chic is that blazer?!?! I just love baby blue. I have blue eyes so the door helps pop my eye color 🙂

  5. So cute! I think I’ve never gravitated towards baby blue clothing is because I havent quite mastered how to wear it. It is one of my favorite colors too.

  6. Those shoes are simply stunning, I am not much for wearing pastels, I find with a 2 year old they just don’t stay clean long enough lol.

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