How to look stylish and Elegant.

Have you ever wondered how certain women always look stylish and put together on a daily basis even when they have the same resources as you do? Well, the good news is that anyone can look effortlessly stylish just by making a few changes to their lifestyle.Here are few pointers,

    • Keep yourself well groomed.Nothing elegant about a woman that is well dressed but has unkempt hair and chipped nails.Always make sure your nails,skin and hair are on point.Nails should be kept clean and they should not be too long.Do not overdo the make up as well, a little bit here and there to enhance your natural beauty is all you need.
    • Dress according to your body shape.The first thing is to determine your body shape and then choose clothes that flatter it.For example if you have a pear shaped body you should stay away from pants that are narrow at the bottom as this would draw attention to your hips.
    • Keep your clothes clean and crisp.I know this may sound obvious,but I am surprised on how many women take this for granted.Wrinkled and stained clothes are never an indication of elegance, in fact they make you look frumpy.
    • Pick some classic pieces.Classic choices tend to make a bigger impact, for example a pencil skirt teamed up with a fitted blouse and pointy toed heels create an elegant and clean look.
    • Keep up with the latest trends.I do not believe in buying clothes simply because they are trendy however you should make trends work for you by adding your personal touch.To prevent an outdated look keep an eye out for the latest trends.Those mom jeans gotta go!
    • Choose quality pieces.Quality is essential to elegance.Sometimes you will have to spend a little more to get more,those pleather shoes or polyester jackets will send you back to the store in no time.After I got my first real job ,I decided to spoil myself and got a pair of genuine leather boots. Each time I wore them I received a compliment on how good they looked and 3 years later the leather boots are still a favorite of mine.Since that first successful purchase I realized that spending more or buying the best always pays off in the end.
    • Don’t over do it.Too much of anything is never a good idea, for example clothing that is too tight,too revealing ,too big or too loud sends out all sorts of wrong messages.If your clothes have no shape or they just don’t fit right make sure you get them tailored,this makes a huge difference.I am big on tailored clothes as they give a clean cut look.
    • Experiment.Mix and match outfits and include items from previous seasons too.Stay away from the same look everyday,add a variety of colors and styles to your closet.
    • Accessorise.Use accessories to modernise classic looks and to complement your outfits.I personally love statement necklaces and rings as they give me a little edge.
    • Stay true to yourself.All the tips above can surely make you look stylish and elegant,but at the end of the day the most important thing is that you do what makes you feel happy and comfortable.Confidence is the best accessory you can ever have.

A great tailored jacket such as this will pair with everything from jeans to work pants,add some pearls and you will look like a million bucks.

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