How to host an Elegant Bridal Shower

I have always loved hosting dinner parties at home. However, after my wedding this year I realized that planning events is something that I love to do as well. Bridal showers are traditionally planned by the mother of the bride or the maid of honor but since I live in a different country from my family, I broke tradition and planned the event myself. After all it’s not a sacred rule.

My bridal shower was small and intimate as most of my guests were from out-of-town. It was one of the best times we had during the wedding week. After it’s success I decided it will be great to share with you some tips to achieve a great elegant bridal shower party.

You don’t have to wear white: Most brides like to wear white, which is fine but is not mandatory. You can rock any color you like. You can also wear whatever you want but it should be something that is you and not out of character. I prefer classic style so naturally I went for a blush colored Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn style dress with simple pumps.

The guests are more important that anything else: Aside from it being your special time, always make sure you are surrounded by genuine people who mean something to you. It meant a lot to me to have my mother, mother-in-law and her family as well as my sister, aunts, cousins there with me. Having them there made the event even more special. Listening to all their jokes and advice was created a fun filled occasion.

Location is key: Its totally ok to have your bridal shower at a relative’s house but taking your guests to an unfamiliar location adds an element of adventure. I chose a country club for my venue because they usually have an element of class, great ambiance, customer service and surroundings. So many options like a private room in a restaurant, a rooftop bar, outside in beautiful park or hotel private poolside area are all good ideas for elegant bridal showers.

Keep Decor Simple and elegant: I’m sure you have been to those bridal showers with excessive amounts of balloons, decorations, glitter, fake flowers and crazy themes. That’s all good if that is what you like but if you trying to do an elegant event then it may not be the way to do it. You do not need complicated, over the top decor to make a beautiful event. There is so much to be said for simple elegance; fresh flowers, all white table linen and shiny silver ware. This is the look that I went for with mine and everyone loved it.

Other tips for an elegant bridal shower party:

  • Do Brunch: What is more elegant than ladies in beautiful dresses and fascinators eating brunch. Brunch is the quentisenntial perfect meal choice for elegant bridal showers and for good reason. They are not a typical everyday meal time and a good excuse to drink alcohol before 5pm.
  • Serve a fun drink: We had the classic mimosa for mine because who can deny the deliciousness of champagne and citrus. You can serve your favorite drink but please do make sure its one that can be served in a champagne flute or a nice glass at least. If you are looking for elegance this is key.
  • The food should be on point: Eggs and toast is fine at home but not for your elegant bridal shower brunch. Serve something that people don’t eat at home everyday. How about a delicious pecan french toast, cheesy egg muffins, mini pancake stacks, delicious sausage and more!

Last but not least let loose and have fun! Elegant doesn’t mean boring and stuffy. You can still laugh it up, play naughty games and have a blast.

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  1. you look so elegant and nice! maybe its a good thing you planned your own shower! everything you want and who you want is a part of the event! complete control! love your style!

  2. I wish I had seen this before my bridal shower. I really wish I had planned my own shower actually. Mine was a bit strange to be honest. None of my family came, and only one of my friends came. None of my family came to my baby shower either.

    • oh goodness. Not sure if you live far from your family like I do. It can be tough when they cant make it to big events.

  3. Everyone looks incredible! I am awful at throwing things, but I wouldn’t mind attending a bridal shower. I’ve never been to one! All my friends have been rather poor (as was I), so there were no showers and such.

  4. Wow this looks beautiful. It makes me miss my wedding and the whole experience. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a bridesmaid again but if I do I hope I plan one like this.

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