How to host a fabulous girls’ night during football season

Can you believe football season has arrived already! The other day I heard my fiancé talk to his friend about the new players on one of the teams and I had no idea what they were talking about. I know a few of you non-sports fans can relate.

If you are like me, you are apathetic to the arrival of football season and are wondering about things to do when your hubby or boyfriend is watching the game. Today’s post is for you my friends! To those who have tried hard to sit and enjoy the game but just can’t get into it, I have the best way to enjoy the football season without actually watching it…A girls’ night on football night!

How to host a fabulous girls’ night during football seasonHow to host a fabulous girls’ night during football season

I usually like to bake a cake or go upstairs and watch movies while my guy is watching the game and over the years I have come up with more fun ways to spend my time. My favorite way is hosting a girls’ night during the game. While the guys are in another room, you can set up another room for the girls!

How to host a perfect girls’ night 

One of the most vital parts of girls’ night (second to good company) is the food. Having a variety of snacks makes sure everyone in your group is covered. I like to have some fruit, nuts, chips, dip, chicken wings and mimosas. I highly recommend switching it up and getting bagels instead of pizza because bagels are lighter and can be eaten is different ways. You can cut the bagels up and dip them in cheese, fondue style or have fun with different cream cheese flavors and toppings.

Bruegger’s Bagels is my go to bagel place because of their awesome bagel bundles which include a variety of bagels and your choice of cream cheese. Bruegger’s will also have an offer for $3 off the Big Bagel Bundle on August 31st this year so it will be the perfect time to stock up on your bagels and host your first girls’ night – you can check it out here. You also have the option of ordering sandwiches, soups, salads and beverages for your night using Bruegger’s online ordering feature for catering.

How to host a fabulous girls’ night during football seasonHow to host a fabulous girls’ night during football season

Now that you have the food situated and have already picked up your bagels from Bruegger’s , next thing is entertainment. What is a girls’ night without some fun activities for your friends?

Here are some fun ideas for your football season girls’ night:

  • Mini spa – Bring out some fun nail colors so all girls can paint their nails or bring out your favorite face masks and everyone can get a DIY facial.
  • Dress swap – Changed your mind about a dress you bought on sale? Tell your friends to bring items so you can swap clothing and shoes.
  • Movies or TV show marathon – This would be a great time to watch your favorite show or movie together. How about watching some Game of Thrones or Real Housewives episodes? This is truly the best way to enjoy a show.
  • Games – You can never go wrong with games as they are very interactive and involve a lot of laughter.

How to host a fabulous girls’ night during football seasonLooking for other ways to host your guests? Read my post on how to host the ultimate build your bagel brunch I would love to know how you spend your time during football season in the comments below!

Sponsored post written by me in collaboration with Bruegger’s Bagels. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I love girls nights! The minispa idea was my favorite and I hadn’t really thought about bagels for anything other than breakfast. Great ideas

  2. I wish I were one of your friends invited to these nights – they sound amazing!
    I used to have girls nights all the time before I moved countries, and I didn’t realise how much I missed it until reading this post. You’ve gathered some amazing ideas and inspiration here, and it makes me want to go out and make some new girlfriends! xx

  3. I would never think to use bagels for a party, rather than pizza or other unhealthy foods! Bagels are super versatile and would totally work with an afternoon football game spread

    Sondra xx

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