How to Choose Flowers for your Home

Flowers are beautiful on their own and generally when choosing flowers there are no rules. It is as simple as choosing the flower type you like. However, since certain flowers don’t always go with every surrounding, it is helpful to pay attention to the flower colors that complement your home.

I am one of those people that puts a lot of thought into every single thing and flowers are no exception. Since we are spending most of our time at home in these COVID 19 days, flowers will be a great way to bring some brightness to our homes. 

Today I am sharing some ideas on what flowers go with certain wall colors and home decor styles. Do you put a lot of thought to the color of flowers you buy for your home? I think it is worth it to consider the colors that go with your home if you love to have a beautifully decorated home. 

Neutral homes or those with the trendy gray tones are versatile and are best matched with pastels and bright colored flowers. Our home has a bit of a coastal and gray color theme so I always find that white flowers, pastel blues and soft pink flowers always complement my decor. Think pastel blue hydrangeas, white and pink peonies and champagne roses for bright homes. The pink and white roses in the first image gave a nice and gentle pop of color to our dining room. I also loved combination of white carnations and eucalyptus branches that I recently tried. Super fresh and bright!

Homes painted in warm tones of yellow or tan go well with deep and rich colors like reds, violet hues and deep oranges. I also find that green plants really look great with this color scheme. In essence green plants go with every style.

The easiest way to determine what colors work is to choose deep tones for warm toned wall colors and soft tones for lighter wall colors. The flower colors do not necessarily have to have the same color  but should complement your existing decor and wall color. For example; if you have yellow walls, yellow roses will not be the best choice but white roses would be great.

Quick flower tip!  Don’t throw your flowers away when they dry up. I learned this trick from my mother; spray the flowers with a little hair spray to make them last much longer. Some flowers like lavender and baby’s breath still maintain their beauty even when dried. The flowers in the last 2 images are actually dry and were sprayed with some hair spray. 

Are you still buying or ordering flowers during these COVID 19 days? What are your tricks to make them last longer? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. 

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  1. I love these suggestions. I’ve always found flowers to be a lovely addition to the home. I think it’s wonderful to have some tips on how to do it.

    • I agree fresh cut flowers can be be frustrating when they do not last long. I love how they look and also love the potted plants too.

  2. I love flowers and did not know that trick with the hair spray. My wife always throw them away as soon as they dry, now we would be able to keep them longer

  3. Thanks for your awesome tips! Flowers are great inside our home. And I learned this trick – never ever place fake flowers or plants at home, because it is not good for feng shui. Real flowers are always better.

  4. I haven’t really ever bought flowers unless it was for a special occasion through some kind of flower delivery service. Mostly I pick them for the home as we have some lovely ones. Although this is nice to know as far as color schemes and appropriate flowers.

  5. Spring is the season when I buy flowers the most, for my home. I like daffodils, they are so cheap and brighten the living room when they bloom.

  6. I love these decorations, especially the flowers. I used to buy a dozen of roses before for our room. I just forgot the routine nowadays. It’s really good to wake up to the sight of roses.

  7. I love this inspirational blog! I will try some of these tips next time I buy flowers for our home!

  8. Love love love having flowers around the house. I usually have white, pink or yellow flowers around the house. You shared some great tips, I will be trying the hairspray one definitely!

    Ashlee |

  9. Oh, I really love this topic on how to choose right flowers for your home. I really love buying and picking flowers every weekend.

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