How to be a Savvy shopper

Shopping is one of my favorite things to do and I know a lot of women can agree with me on this.There is something to be said for the thrill that comes with finding the perfect fitting dress or coat for a fraction of the price.As a shopaholic its important for me to get value for my money.I came across a book called the Shopping bags written by Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic.This book is has some great tips on shopping and I thought I should sahre some with you:

  • Don’t fall prey to salespeople : That lovely and extremely helpful salesperson is there for one reason, which is to sell as much product as possible.They will do whatever it takes to make a sale, even if it means telling you that purple dress will be great with that mustard jacket (trust me I have worked in retail). A good tip is to commit to a budget before you go shopping and when you are feeling pressured to overspend just remind yourself to stick to the budget.
  • Look out for fakes:Here is what to look for to spot a fake or knock off. Labels that are glued on are definitely fake, the real ones are sewed on. Also, true designer handbags are often lined with leather. Finally, pay close attention to the brand logo, sometimes knockoffs imitate logos of high end brands with slight alterations e.g Carter instead of Cartier.
  • Follow the seven day rule: The seven day rule helps to curb impulse buying. If you see something that you love but don’t really need,walk away. If its still on our mind a week later, you were meant to be together.
  • Know what you need: Key questions are quality, features, materials and workmanship. Brand names cost more but that is not always a bad thing. Big companies often have solid reputations and they stand by their products. Paying more for peace of mind is worth it. Added features can increase the price so remember what you really need the product for. If the product is made of good quality materials that usually means it will last longer.
  • Get on the sample sale circuit: Sample sales are a great way to get designer items for less. Samples are garments that were used by designers to showcase a new line. Inquire with any independently owned clothing store or local designer to get into the circuit. Another good tip is to find out if your favorite stores offer sale adjustments.That means if you pay full price for something that goes on sale a week later,you get a refund or credit for the discounted amount.
  • Dont be a sucked into pretty packaging: Tests have shown that some types of products just arent worth paying more for. If you know what to look for on the label you can get the alternatives at lower prices for everyday items like cleaning products and shampoos.These products have active ingredients that are essentially the same, so why pay more for a pretty bottle.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Serious shoppers know the benefit of being comfortable when shopping. OK, I am not saying wear sweats and snickers,some cute ballet flats or comfy wedges will do the trick.

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