How I Improved My Sleep with SLEEPHI

Anyone who knows me can tell you that sleep is very important to me and I get very grumpy without enough of it. Because of this my bed has to be super comfy and cozy; my little sanctuary where I can easily slip into blissful slumber. A good mattress and great bedding is key to creating a relaxing setting that helps me easily fall and stay asleep.

For the past two weeks I’ve been sleeping in new bedding from the SLEEPHI Collection and I have seen an improvement in my sleep quality. I lay my head down, doze off almost immediately and wake the next morning feeling rejuvenated. The only downside of the bedding is that I now want to do everything in my bed like surfing the net and writing blog posts; including this one.

How I Improved My Sleep with SLEEPHIHow I Improved My Sleep with SLEEPHI

SLEEPHI Collection Pieces:

Hypoallergenic Microfiber Pillow: Ideal for Side, Back & Stomach Sleepers, Unique Design to Prevent Neck Problems & Relieve Pain, Flat and Medium Firm Hypoallergenic Microplush Mattress Topper: Box-Stitched with Overfilling for Extra Comfort,  Breathable Material to Prevent Overheating Hypoallergenic Down ALTERNATIVE Year Round Comforter: Climabalance Patented Design, Improves Deep Sleep Phases by 50%

Product descriptions by SLEEPHI

How I Improved My Sleep with SLEEPHIHow I Improved My Sleep with SLEEPHI

I am sure you are wondering what makes this bedding so special. The SLEEPHI Collection uses the patented Climabalance technology, which allows heat to escape. This is so huge because heat is the usual cause of restless nights. I honestly never thought about this till I tried this bedding. I was actually surprised when I woke up the first morning and the covers were not scattered as they usually are.

I have 3 items from the SLEEPHI collection – the Hypoallergenic pillows, the comforter and the mattress topper. The SLEEPHI comforter is unlike any comforter I have seen before. It has mesh baffles that allow the heat to easily escape leaving you cool throughout the night. The mattress topper is insanely plush and feels like you are sleeping on clouds. Don’t even get me started on the hypoallergenic pillows which are just perfect; no wonder they have a high rating on Amazon. Before my new pillows I had these really thin pillows that I had to fold in order to get sufficient neck and head support. The SLEEPHI pillow has a flat middle and is fluffy on the outside which has helped me tremendously. I have no need to fold my skinny pillow anymore!

Knowing that SLEEPHI is Boston based is icing on the cake as I always love supporting local businesses. If you are shopping for great quality bedding be sure to check out the SLEEPHI Website or check them out on Amazon.


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    • Its amazing how different people sleep better in different ways. I do know someone show only sleeps on hard surfaces too.

  1. Good sleep is a must. and having a perfect and comfortable pillow, blanket and bed help to have a good sleep.

  2. It is indeed essential to have good quality bedding in order to sleep well at night. I invested a lot of money in my bed and I sleep like a baby during each night. The pillows from Sleephi look very interesting, I would give them a go.

    • Give them a try, they may work for you. I find pillows work differently for each person and the SLEEPHI pillows are working well for me.

  3. This looks so cozy! My husband needs to try that pillow, he has such a hard time with pillows and neck pain. We also have a few pups who sleep in our bed, one who loves to snuggle under the covers. She’s like a little furnace so the idea that these sheets can help heat escape is very appealing!

    • Pillows are so difficult to find the right one and these sleephi pillows are perfect for me. I highly recommend for your hubby to give them a try. They may be the ones for him too.

  4. This makes new wonder if I need to look at what I sleep in when I think about the many years I have had sleeping issues. It really could be that is the problem.

  5. The right bedding can make a lot of difference in the wellbeing of body as well as how well you sleep. The pillow sounds so good for my neck pain. The whole range looks so good.

  6. The Sleephi stuff sounds like a dream (excuse the pun!) It gets really hot where I live and having bedding that keeps you cool is exactly what I need.

  7. That is sounding so cozy and comfy!! I could use anything that helps improve sleep. There are times I either can’t fall asleep or can’t stay asleep, so this sounds awesome to me πŸ™‚

  8. Good sleep is so important for our body and mind! I agree with you that a comfortable bedding and pillow can make a huge difference in the quality of our sleep!

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