Hot item alert! Irresistible Me Moonstone Automatic Hair Curler

Hi guys! I am so excited for today’s post because I am talking about the hair tool that has completely changed my morning routine for the better. I had been seeing it all over you tube but never took the plunge, so when the people at Irresistible Me reached out about trying the Moonstone automatic hair curler I was on totally on board. This automatic curler has made curling my hair a breeze and my hair is no longer a hot mess in the mornings.

Moonstone Automatic Hair Curler

The Moonstone automatic hair curler offers precise styling as it has curl direction control, 3 timer settings and the ceramic technology reduces frizz. You can use the Moonstone curler with or without steam and I love that you can choose the temperature setting you want.

Moonstone automatic hair curler

At first when I opened the package I was a little intimated by its look but after a couple of tries and figuring out how to place my hands it was pretty easy to use. All you have to do is place the hair in the curling chamber, close and the curling chamber will do the work for you.

Moonstone Automatic Steam Curler

The advantages to using the steam feature is that the steam helps to seal the moisture which creates a healthy looking curl.

Irresistible Me Moonstone curler and straightening brush

Jade Hair Straightening brush

After I had such a good experience with the curler I decided to get myself the Jade hair straightening Ceramic tourmaline brush and I am glad I did. I have used the straightening brush a lot especially weekdays before work and it does a great job straightening my hair. One huge reason why I love it is because the special ceramic tourmaline heating surface prevents heat damage to the hair. The brush does not give you bone straight hair but it certainly gives some volume and a more natural looking straight hairdo.

Irresistible Me also offers other hair tools and products including hair extensions so there is something for every one. Click here to check out their awesome hair extensions and be sure to check out the very popular automatic hair curler

Disclaimer: The automatic curler was given to me for free however the content and opinions in this post are completely my own. Click here for my full disclosure policy. 

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  1. My daughter has hair extensions from Irresistible Me and she loves them. I’ve wanted to try the straightening brush for myself. It would be perfect for those days when I don’t have a lot of time to work with my hair.

  2. This curler or straightener is completely new for me. Totally different style from all those straight ones I have always used before. Will have to check this out. Looks really like a good products that works great.

  3. I have heard about those hair straightening brushes a lot lately. This one is a fun color, and it sounds like it works great. Bone straight hair looks weird on me but I sometimes do wish my hair was a little straighter so I could do more styles for special events. This would be perfect.

  4. The Moonstone automatic hair curler sounds like an awesome curler and so does the Jade Hair Straightening Brush. I would love to try both these items just to change my hair styles a couple times a week. Thanks for sharing your experiences with these awesome products.

  5. My daughter would love this. She’s always rushing out of the house in the morning to get to work that she barely has time to do her hair. Maybe this hair curler/straightener would be great for her to keep in her desk drawer at work so she can look nice and not just have her hair tied up in a bun everyday.

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