Home Decor: How to create a beautiful home

Walking into a clean and well decorated home is such a great feeling and is sometimes therapeutic after a long day at work. Decor plays a big part in creating the character of a home and I find that the best way to achieve this is by decorating with unique pieces.  I am excited to give tips on how to create a beautiful home as well as show you my favorite pieces from Uncommon Goods. It is literally the best place for handcrafted and unique items.

Home Decor: How to create a beautiful home

When it comes to decorating its important to stay true to yourself and go with items that fit your personality. For example if you love plants you should incorporate some greenery to your decor style. You could get the Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit which is a beautiful portable garden that can be hung from a wall. I love that it is made with succulents which are literally the most low maintenance plants in the world. Check out more planters in Uncommon Goods’ garden section.

Now for the readers out there, using your books for decor is a definite must! Books are a cheap and great decor item especially if you have them between unique and stylish book ends. I really loved the one with the mother and baby giraffe.

Home Decor: How to create a beautiful home

For the living  areas, decorative accents like sculptures, lanterns and terrariums are all great options. If you are still trying to figure out what decorating style you want to go with you can see more decorative accent ideas on the Uncommon Goods site. Just remember to pick items that blend well with existing items in your home.

As far as bedroom decor, having a fresh bunch of flowers beside the bed is a very nice touch. Every Thursday I like to buy fresh flowers and place them beside the bed. Waking up and seeing a beautiful bouquet of flowers is very energizing. I absolutely love the bedside smartphone vases and they make a great gift for that person in your life that is always on their phone.

Simple Ways to decorate your home

There are so many other ways to decorate and bring character to your home. Think beautiful rugs, shelves, clocks, paintings and more. don’t forget the entrance is the first thing that guests see when they get to your house therefore you want the entrance to be inviting. Placing a fun doormat at the entrance is a good start. I love those with pictures of footprints or the doormats with a hello or welcome on them. Get fun, beautiful and unique doormats from Uncommon Goods here.

I hope I have given you some inspiration on how to create a beautiful home and hopefully you will get to fall in love with Uncommon goods like I have. Remember that you don’t have to look for a beautiful place but you can make a place beautiful.

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  1. I so agree with you that the decor of your home can have a therapeutic effect. I love coming home to a house that’s clean and well decorated. BTW I love the heart clock above. So nice.

  2. When I have my own home which at the moment seems like the impossible dream, I want that Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit because it is so darn cute! Can you come and make my room look pretty lol? x

  3. The mother and baby giraffe beholder is my favourite! While reading the post I start to evaluate the decor of each of my rooms just to make sure your tips apply. Thank you for your great home decor tips!

  4. I have to go check out Uncommon Goods again. I missed these lovely pieces. I like the little shelves with small plants. It is so refreshing to the eyes to have indoor plants. Not only that, it also helps clear the air and provides us with oxygen to promote better sleep.

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