Beginners guide to delicious homemade Pho

If you haven’t tried pho you are missing out some good stuff. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup made with broth, meat and herbs. Marcus and I usually have it at Pho Pasteur in downtown Boston but since we moved to the burbs its much easier to just make it at home. I will painfully admit that he makes better soups and Pho than I do including the delicious bowl below which I enjoyed. I cook most of the time so it is even better when someone else has made it.
Pho is pretty simple to make however there are some important tips to remember if you want to get great results:
Use a good quality broth: Some may say the meat makes the pho but I say a good broth is the key to a delicious pho. You can either make your broth from scratch using beef or chicken bones if you have time or use a very good quality store bought broth. I love the organic Imagine free range chicken broth. Can be found at your local whole foods or grocery store.
Select the right cut of meat: Brisket or shin meat are great choices for this dish. Avoid using regular steaks as these will get tough and chewy in the end. You can use flank if you will add it right at the end. Not a meat eater, use extra firm tofu. We used meat and tofu in ours because we are just greedy.
Aromatics are a must: Spices, onions, ginger, garlic will give your pho a delicious aroma and taste.
Add Fresh herbs: I love to add fresh cilantro or parsley as it adds a extra flavor dimension to the dish. Dried spices will not cut it.
Use yellow rock sugar: Finish the dish with yellow rock sugar and a dash of fish sauce. I find this adds authenticity and more flavor to the dish. Yellow rock sugar especially brings the flavors together.
Use rice noodles: I really find rice noodles to be the best for this dish. I would not use regular pasta as the texture doesn’t work with this dish.
For a pho recipe: The Viet Kitchen has a great recipe that I’m sure you will enjoy.

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