Gadget Alert: American Press Coffee and Tea Maker

Recently the people at It’s American Press sent me their revolutionary American Press coffee and tea maker. It is not to be confused with a French press as it uses pressure and an ultra fine, 100 micron steel filtration that produces a smoother more balanced cup of coffee. I am excited to talk about this fab gadget which can conveniently be ordered on Amazon

If there is one thing that we all love, it’s a good cup of coffee or tea to start of the day. My morning weekday routine is very predictable. I get up around 7am, get to work by 9am, turn on my computer, have a cup of coffee and start going through my emails. There is something about that first sip and whiff of the coffee aroma that tells me it’s all going to be all right.

 American Press Coffee and Tea MakerAmerican Press Coffee and Tea Maker The first time I tried the American Press I was blown away by its ease of use. It produced a delicious and robust cup of coffee. All I needed to do was pour hot water in the carafe, place the coffee grounds in the reusable pod and press away. Watching the water turn from clear to a deep brown coffee color is pretty cool and makes you feel like a master coffee maker.

How to use the American Press:

1. While water is boiling add coffee grounds into the reusable coffee pod, hold upright and attach to the plunger. You will know its completely attached and sealed when you hear click.

2. Pour the hot water into the carafe and make sure not to exceed the max line marked on the carafe.

American Press Coffee and Tea Maker

3. Pre-infuse for about 3 minutes by pushing the pod down just a little to fill it with water before pushing it all the way down. This is totally optional. Once you are done pre-infusing, press the pod down slowly and your coffee is ready!

If you are a tea drinker this lovely American Press can also make a good cup of tea. Using the same concept for making coffee. Place the loose tea leaves in the pod and press away to a delicious and smooth cup of tea.

You can find this awesome American Press on Amazon, just click this American Press on Amazon link to purchase.

FYI: This post was sponsored by American Press. The images and content in this post are completely my own. 







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  1. Glad to know this can be used for tea as well! I don’t drink coffee that much at home, however a dual-functional pressing machine sounds great! Decisions, decisions. Awesome you got to try it out!

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