Food spotlight: Sausages

I recently served sausages for a brunch I was hosting and every time I see my guests they always tell me how much they loved the sausage. This gave me the idea to dedicate this post to sausages. 
 Sausage is simply ground meat mixed with spices, herbs in a casing. Most sausages are made with pork however you can find turkey, chicken, beef and lots more at your local butcher. Sausages tend to be a little salty and high in fat so I eat them as a treat and don’t recommend eating them regularly. 
image by Petr Kratochvil
A popular way to eat sausage is with cabbage. Something about combining the crunchy texture of cabbage with sausage work very well.
image by Sam Bourland
 I personally love the sweet turkey sausage from the whole foods butcher. I like to serve it with barbecue baked beans, a fried egg and a Challah roll for a simple breakfast. 

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