Fashion Friday : Is your closet ready for winter ?

Fashion Fridays: Is your closet ready for winter ?
  1. Wool coat : Every girl should own a good quality wool coat because they are timeless and very elegant. Black and camel are good colors to start with and then you can get adventurous with other colors later. Many coats are made of polyester which is not the best fabric so make sure you choose one made of wool or a wool blend .It is better to pay more for something that will last forever than pay less for something that will last a year.
  2. Snow boots : One of the reasons I don’t look forward to winter is the dreadful snow boot because I find them to be plain ugly. Unfortunately snow boots are a winter necessity especially here in Boston so I have no choice but to own a pair. Thankfully a lot of shoe designers are coming up with stylish winter boots and my favorite are the Sorel boots .
  3. Elle McPherson in Sorel boots, proving you can still look good in snow shoes.


  4. Down Coat :  There are times when a wool coat is not enough to keep you warm on those extremely cold winter days. Down coats are  made to withstand subzero temperatures thus keeping you comfortable when you are outdoors.They also have a tendency to make you look puffy so look for jackets with belts and defined waistlines     

  6. Boots: You can never go wrong with a pair of good quality leather boots. Boots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from knee high to ankle boots. I suggest owning a pair of riding boots for comfort and style plus a pair of high heeled boots for nights out or work. Start off with a black pair and get a brown pair next. 

    Kourtney Kardashian is wearing 3 items from our must have list: Coat, Leather boots and the infinity scarf.   Love this look!


  8. Leggings:  These are tight fitting stretch pants usually with a elastic waist and go down to your ankle. Leggings tend to be see through so make sure you wear something over them like dresses, skirts and over sized sweaters. Avoid wearing them with tight fitting tops because that just looks wrong in so many ways. I also like to wear my leggings under my pants for extra warmth on cold days.
  9. Infinity Scarves: Also known as loop scarves. These scarves make the perfect winter accessory and they add an element of chic to your closet. You can either double the scarf or drape it depending on your outfit. All you have to do is pull it over your head , loop once and voila!
  10. Leather gloves : leather is all over the fashion runways this year and I am loving it. Its important not to overdo it when it comes to leather so I get my leather fix from gloves. Leather gloves give an edgy elegance to your winter wardrobe, just make sure they are feminine looking. I recently  got some  Etienne Aigner cashmere lined leather gloves at T.J Maxx for just 25 bucks. Remember that you don’t have to break the bank for great style.

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