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My husband and I recently celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and we decided to start a tradition where we travel somewhere new every anniversary. Our first anniversary trip was in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada. I immediately fell in love with the city the moment we arrived. There was something very romantic and vibrant about it. 

Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal MontrealSaint Josephs Oratory of Mount Royal: This was one of the places I knew I had to visit in Montreal. It is the Roman Catholic minor basilica and national shrine on Mount Royals Westmount Summit. It is Canadas biggest church and is pretty impressive. We were unlucky to get there during a time when they were having some construction on site but it still was amazing. Once you get to the top of the building you will see amazing views of the city. Totally worth the visit!

Old MontrealOld Montreal streetOld Montreal: Beautiful French influenced architecture, cobblestone streets, charming boutique shops and many awesome restaurants is what old Montreal is about. You simply cannot visit Montreal without experiencing old Montreal. It certainly felt like I was in Europe and was one of my favorite places in Montreal. 

Notre-Dame Basilica of MontrealNotre-Dame Basilica of Montreal: This Catholic church was built in 1656 and is Montreal’s oldest. The interior is absolutely stunning with stained glass and well crafted surroundings. We were a little surprised they allowed photographs in the church. With all the tourists and photography going on, it just felt like going to a museum. At the same time I understand that tourism is how they are able to maintain the building so I embraced the opportunity to be in this amazing church. The fee to enter was only $8 and is well worth a visit. 

Downtown Montreal; Where to eat and More : Our hotel was in the heart of downtown Montreal which gave us access to many cool restaurants and sites. The city is clean, well mantained with lots of pretty floral accents around. One of the must visit streets is St Catherine’s street if you are looking for something to eat or shop. If you are a foodie you will love Montreal’s restaurant scene too. One of my favorites was Terrasse William Gray which is a fabulous rooftop restaurant located on the 8th floor of the chic William Gray Hotel. If you want to enjoy a bite or a trendy cocktail with beautiful views, I highly recommend this spot.

If you are looking for a hearty meal and are not concerned about calories, I recommend the highly rated Au Pied de Cochon restaurant. They have one of the most innovative menus I have ever seen, the food is also rich and decadent. If you love Foie Gras and pork, this is definitely the spot to visit. Oh and definitely try the duck in a can, its what they are known for. The can is opened right at your table and out comes a tasty duck stuffed with foie gras. Yes, that’s right!

For the sweets and pastry lovers a cool spot to try is Maison Christian Faure. They have amazing desserts, macaroons and different types of pastries. The interior is very pretty and they bring all sorts of pastries to choose from right at your table. Definitely stop by one of the fresh juice and smoothie spots in Old Montreal as well. 


We had the most amazing time in Montreal and recommend anyone to visit. It is a cosmopolitan city with lots of charm and beauty. I have been telling the hubs that I want to go back already. 

Have you been to Montreal? Would you like to experience Montreal? What were your favorite spots if you have been there? Where do you think we should go for our next trip?  I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comment box below.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this place looks beautiful! Although I’ve not been to Montréal in a while, I would love to make my way over again in the near future. Thanks for sharing all of this! 🙂

  2. It looks so amaxing there in Montreal. I bet I will love to wander there all day..! The pastries are so enticing especially the the macaroons.

  3. What great timing! My hubby and I are planning a trip to Montreal, so we really appreciate all this inside advice. I agree it can be a bit off-putting to see so much photography and touristy behavior in a church, but certainly understand it. I still have a hard time with the entrance fee though. I think a house of worship would be better served to lable it a “suggested donation”

  4. Never been to Montreal so reading your post is like a quick short travel there, even though a virtual one, and I love it, and the photos are great! Thanks for sharing this!

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