Experience London: A visual guide

Welcome to the second chapter of the Europe trip. If you read my post on Switzerland then you know that my fiancé and I also took a trip to England to attend a wedding in Kent. It was our first visit to England and we were excited to experience London. Today I am sharing some of my favorite London spots which I highly recommend you check out when you visit.

Experience London: A visual guideThe Queen Victoria Memorial: This was one of my favorites monuments because of its grandiosity. The monument is made of 2,300 tons of white marble, a gold top and is located in front of Buckingham Palace. It is absolutely beautiful even though Queen Victoria does not look warm and inviting in her statue. What do you think guys?

Experience London: A visual guideTrafalgar Square: Located in the middle of the city, Trafalgar Square has so many interesting sites packed into one area. There are stunning statues, fountains, museums, galleries, historic buildings and a myriad of people from around the world. This makes Trafalgar Square such a visually appealing location and should be on your list of sites to visit when in London.

Household Calvary Museum: I have been to a few museums and the Calvary museum is definitely one of my favorites thus far. The museum celebrates the history and accomplishments of The Household Cavalry. The Household Cavalry comprises of the two senior military regiments of the British Army. There are displays of uniforms, weaponry and other amazing pieces of service men who form the Queen’s mounted bodyguard. If you love museums you will love this place.

Experience London: A visual guideWellington Arch: Another beautiful structure in London. I was surprised to learn that it was built as an original entrance to Buckingham Palace. There are balconies at the top of the Arch where you have amazing views of London. Sites such as these are such a great way yo experience London.

Experience London: A visual guide

Occasionally you will come across men in uniform on horses in the city. The men are usually very serious but we were lucky to find one who was friendly. One of the things I love most about London is it maintains a lot of it historical style despite the modernization of the city. This gives the city such charming character.

Experience London: A visual guide

The other side of town is modern where you’ll see the signature black cabs, red double decker buses and tube trains. Between all of the modern skyscrapers you’ll find many buildings with beautiful facades that harken back to England’s past. This is truly what makes London a great place as there is a nice mix of historical and modern architecture.

While exploring London with my fiancé, I had to take a picture beside the iconic red telephone booths. I am so glad they are not getting rid of the red phone booths even though most people have cellphones today.

I really enjoyed my time in London and would recommend anyone to visit it mostly because of all the history in the city. I must say I was a little surprised that buildings especially the palace and the bridge appeared smaller than I expected but nonetheless I loved the experience and the rich culture.

Have you been to London? Would you like to experience London? What were your favorite spots if you have been there? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comment box below.




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  1. I enjoyed seeing the Queen Victoria statue. There is a similar one in Montreal, though on a smaller scale. I agree that she isn’t wearing a pleasant expression in either of the two. But I suppose they date from the time after she’d been widowed.

  2. I have never been in London. But it is on my list. It is a country which is very far from me and I need to have my Schengen visa first before I can visit it. Hopefully, in the future I will have the golden opportunity to visit London and see for read all those places you mentioned in your blog.

  3. I love London! I would really enjoy going back there some day. I actually was there with my husband before we were even dating. Well, we were there with a group. loved seeing all your pictures.

  4. London is my favorite city , called it home for at least 9 years, just love the spirit, history and most of all the accent lol 🙂 .
    The palace was so huge for me when I lived there but having traveled to the States where everything is ginormous it looked suprisingly smaller this time.

  5. London is really just one of the best cities in the world. I love looking through everyone’s guide, because each of us find different beautiful aspects of the city. Love all your pictures; you are great a capturing the life of the city.

  6. Lovely virtual tour of London! I wonder why in every London travel post, the red telephone booth is always included 🙂

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