3 Delicious Ways to Cook Butternut Squash

Did you know that butternut squash is actually a fruit not a vegetable? I too thought it was a vegetable until I read a Wikipedia article that told me otherwise. Fruit or vegetable this golden yellow food is delicious and should be included in your dinner rotation. There are so many ways to cook squash but today I am focusing on the 3 best ways to cook it.

Butternut Squash


3 Delicious ways to cook Butternut Squash

  1. Butternut Squash soup:This is by far one of the best ways to cook squash and I have an easy recipe for you – Roast 2 medium squash for about 45 minutes in the oven with a drizzle of coconut oil, nutmeg, salt and pepper. While squash is cooking in the oven dice a large peeled apple, chop 1 medium onion, mince 3 cloves of garlic and slice a large carrot. Sauté the onion, garlic, carrot and apple in a large saucepan with 1 tbsp coconut oil. – When squash is cooked, scoop flesh into the onion mix, add 5 cups chicken broth and let simmer for 10 mins. Puree everything in a large blender and serve. You can add coconut milk, fresh ginger or cinnamon if you like but I find this recipe to be delicious and simple.
  2. Spaghetti Squash: Ever since zucchini noodles got the spotlight in 2015 now everybody is creating noodles out of every single vegetable and I have to say its a trend that I definitely support. An easy recipe: Use a spiralizer to create noodles from squash then sauté the noodles in garlic, salt and olive oil – When noodles are cooked and soft after about 5 minutes remove from heat and add a handful of chopped cilantro, 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice, sliced green onion and freshly ground pepper and serve.
  3. Mashed squash: This is another very simple and delicious way to serve squash. Roast squash in the oven till soft then mash with a little butter, nutmeg salt and pepper. I like to serve mashed squash with a nice piece of steak or grilled chicken and greens.

You will notice that I roasted the squash in 2 of the recipes and this is because it gets sweeter and buttery when it is roasted as opposed to boiling it as some people prefer to do. Do you have a squash recipe or recipe idea you want to share? Your comments are always appreciated!

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  1. Great tips on how to make butternut squash! For years I balked at eating butternut squash soup until finally one day I gave in and just did it! I loved it! So now I am way more open about different recipes and will try these out.

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