Inspired by Black Panther: All Black Head to Toe

So I finally watched Black Panther last weekend and it is safe to say that this amazing movie has become my new obsession, at least until Game of Thrones is back. The Black Panther movie is not only breaking many records, it has created an amazing movement of self-love among minorities as well as female empowerment. To celebrate the movie many people have adorned themselves with traditional African attire or all black outfits. Needless to say I could not resist the opportunity to wear all black again.

Outfit Details:

Coat (Similar): Uniqlo , Down Vest (Similar): Macy’s

Knee High Boots(Similar): Macy’s

Black Leggings: Target

My original plan was to wear some African traditional gear to the movie but unfortunately I did not have one so I opted to wear an all black outfit . Wearing all black is always tricky especially since black comes in so many shades however I just went with the flow in this outfit. My blacks did not match at all but they blended well together. You can check out how I pulled off another all black look here.

If you have already seen the Black Panther movie I would like to hear your thoughts about it. If you haven’t I would love to know what your favorite movie is this year.

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  1. I haven’t seen the Black Panther movie yet, but I am definitely planning to. I love that it has been received so positively. I also really like the outfit you chose to see the movie – black is my favourite colour, so I’d probably dress along the same lines.

  2. Firstly you look absolutely fabulous !! We will watch Black panther next week and i’m inspired to go all black too with just a beaded head band – Love love the look!!!

  3. In terms of movies I can’t comment much.. I find it really hard to watch movies alone, my patience is terrible! On the other hand I am loving your outfit, you look so beautiful and elegant. Thoese boots, yes yes yes!

  4. My husband and I watched it last Saturday. It was good, although I have a lot criticism about it. I’m part Serra Leonian, and Some of my family still live there including my father who decided to move back home during the Ebola outbreak to help. So I hoped the director would focus on the hardships of Africans more and spend more than 10 min on the issue of child- soldier and modern day slavery.

    • I hear you, they did show Africa in a good light only which is good as people tend to see it as a sad place which it is not at all. However I do agree that they could have included some of the hardships faced in Africa. I feel it will happen more in due time.

  5. Oh how I wish I could wear boots like that without being in so much pain that I walk like a zombie and destroy the appeal of the outfit haha. Anyways, they look great on you! The entire outfit is awesome – it can be very difficult to coordinate different pieces of black clothing without accidentally finding one washed out or bluey or something. Wonderful coordination.

  6. This movie is on my to watch list. You outfit is absolutely gorgeous though, I really love the all black theme and those boots are incredible. Totally rocking it!

  7. I enjoyed the movie as well. Michael B. Jordan’s yellow-black style also sparks a fashion appeal for me. I would say you blended those blacks well, even with your other look from your link. Wakanda Forever!

  8. I have heard amazing things about Black Panther, I really need to watch this movie. I am really liking your outfit here, you can’t go wrong with black and when it is all black, it has to be the best. You did amazing job selecting all pieces to coordinate with each other. The coat and the boots look so good.

  9. I honestly love the look! It suits you very well. Black Panther’s such an awesome movie and they definitely show how important representation is. I’m glad it’s still making waves up to now, it deserves to be recognized.

  10. Wow the whole black attire is simply amazing and your looking really pretty. I loved black panther as a movie it was really nice to watch.

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