6 Affordable ways to transform your bathroom

If you feel your bathroom needs an update you have come to the right place. Today I am sharing 6 affordable ways to transform your bathroom without breaking the bank. Just making these few small changes will change your bathroom from drab to fab in one day. You may also read my tips on decorating your home here

6 affordable ways to transform your bathroom6 affordable ways to transform your bathroomhow to decorate your bathroom

6 Affordable ways to transform your bathroom

  1. Use attractive soap and hand cream dispensers: Many liquid hand soap dispensers come in standard containers that are almost similar to household cleaner containers which is certainly not attractive. I think it’s totally worth it to spend a little more for the better looking bottle if it will make your bathroom look prettier. You can find these kind of pretty containers from stores like Home Goods, Crate & Barrel and more.
  2. Use candles: Candles have become a major player in the decor industry and for good reason. Candles provide instant warmth and coziness to a room. You can buy plain candles but you will take your bedroom to another level by using candles that have more details or nice holders. You will notice the candle that I used above has some cute detail that goes with my theme.
  3. Decorate with perfume bottles: You can’t deny that a bottle of chanel No. 5 on a bathroom vanity provides instant elegance to your bathroom. Many other perfume brands have stunning bottles that you can use for decor.
  4. Use flowers: Flowers are a guaranteed way to liven up and add beauty to a room. You can find affordable flowers as Trader Joe’s or your local farmers market. I usually get a bunch from Trader Joe’s for $3.99 and they last me for 2 weeks.
  5. Invest in good towels and rugs: There is a reason why 5 star hotels use luxurious towels in their bathrooms. You will notice an instant change to your bathroom with soft plush towels and rugs. Your guests will love it too.
  6. Try a fabric shower curtain instead of plastic: I know what you are thinking, a fabric shower curtain will not be effective. There is an easy solution, all you need to do is line the fabric curtain with a plastic curtain behind it to prevent water permeating.

Now that you know these 6 affordable ways to transform your bathroom, I would love to know what you do to make rooms in your home look better without spending too much.

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  1. Some cute ideas for transforming your bathroom on a budget, I have candles in pretty much every room of the house I just love them. They smell great and add a bit of comfort to the room 🙂

  2. I love these tips, I absolutely think that a bathroom is a place to get some relaxation and to get a moment for yourself! I like the tips to decorate the bathroom with candles, perfume bottles and a little bouquet! I always try to have scented sticks in my little rooms 🙂

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