3 Things You Absolutely Have to Know Before Choosing an Engagement Ring!

Choosing and Engagement ring can be a daunting task because the ring is something that your loved one will wear everyday for the rest of their life. You want them to love it. After my husband proposed I could not stop staring at my ring the entire week, I was just over the moon. There are 3 things you absolutely have to know before choosing an engagement ring and today we are sharing them!

3 Things You Absolutely Have to Know Before Choosing an Engagement Ring!


This should be your first stop on the journey of finding the perfect engagement ring. Starting off any big purchase, whether you’ll be financing or paying in cash, by assessing your budget and what you’re willing to spend on the item at hand. In this case, you’ve probably already done a bit of research and know what your price point is. However, if you haven’t done much looking around, it can be very easy to get sticker-shocked. The best way to avoid this is to check out some online retailers and make good use of their filters. This works to your advantage in two ways:

  1. It gives you a reason to compare different retailers
  2. You’ll begin to notice the pattern of prices in comparison with type & size of stones and the metals available

Ring Size

Knowing your partner’s ring size isn’t really something that ever comes up before the moment when you realize you’d like to propose to this person and buy an engagement ring but it is a necessity to avoid a ring that doesn’t fit and needs to be resized after-the-fact. It’s no surprise that there are many waysthat are suggested to find the information. Some ideas range from:

  • Tying a string around their finger while they’re sleeping
  • Having a ring that they wear sized
  • Tracing a ring from the jewelry box and bringing it to a jeweler for comparison

However, modern couples are being more open and honest about their expectations and desires when it comes to their relationship, and engagements are no exception. Simply asking for your partner’s ring size could prompt a healthy conversation about your relationship and where it’s headed.

Ring Style

Choosing the perfect ring style for your partner’s engagement ring will be as easy as pie if you two have already had an open discussion about it. However, many people choose to continue to select the ring secretly and do a surprise proposal. In this case, picking a style will require a bit more thought and research.

To get an idea of what you’re partner likes, think about the styles that they wear. Do they dress boldly, with a keen sense for fashion? Or do they tend to be more conservative? Are they into vintage clothing and jewelry? Is there something they are extremely passionate about that should be incorporated? Better yet, if you had a friend recently get engaged, bring it up and ask what she thought of the ring. This may let her know what you’re up to in a very subtle way but that’s not always a bad thing.

Bonus: How will it look with the wedding band?

Many people get caught up in the glamor of choosing an engagement ring, and they absolutely should! But a wedding band is considered part of that decision and so should be thought about during the process, though it’s not a necessity. There are many resources to provide guidance as to choosing a wedding band online, including those put together by online retailers like Blue Nile. This can make the process of finding the right ring seamless and easy.

My husband surprised me with my ring and reached out to my sister for help which I loved. To this day I am still shocked how my sister was able to keep it a secret as she is a terrible secret keeper. Check out the tip sheet below for discreetly picking out a ring and its perfect wedding band.

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  1. Me and my boyfriend are open about out expectations and know what each other likes and wants, this is a big help for deciding on a ring. Great points!

  2. My husband did a surprise proposal and we had never discussed rings beforehand. He went with a classic solitaire style engagement ring and it is a perfect fit for my style and personality. I’m sure he would have appreciated a blog post like this with tips and pointers! Great post.

  3. I told my boyfriend that I don’t want to get married until I’m 26 so I have a while before he has to consider these things. I’m sure whatever ring I get I’ll be happy with as long as I’m in love. Thanks for these tips

  4. These are really great ideas! I had to get my ring resized because my right ring finger is half a size bigger than my left ring finger, so when my husband bought mine, it was too big. One thing I would add is to ask about how difficult it would be to get the ring resized. Because of the way that my ring was made, the lady who did it for us warned that once it was done, it couldn’t be undone because anything more would ruin the ring. Thankfully, she did a wonderful job resizing it.

  5. I was surprised with a ring so didn’t get to choose. However, we’ve been married for almost 10 years now so if I decide I want an upgrade I’ll keep these suggestions in mind.

  6. These are all really great points! I like how you added what the wedding band could look like with the ring, because many do not come as a set anymore. Thanks for sharing!

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