3 Places to visit in Switzerland

A passport is a small little book that opens so many big doors to new experiences and cultures. I recently got my new passport and it has awoken my sense of adventure to the point that I have decided that every year I am going to try and visit a new place.

Recently I was invited to a wedding in England and before heading out to England my Fiancé and I spent some time in Switzerland which we absolutely loved. Switzerland is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries. Just driving from one town to the other left me in awe of the spectacular views. I love every part of the country but these 3 places were memorable.

3 Places to visit in Switzerland 3 Places to visit in Switzerland 1. Montreux Switzerland:

First and favorite was Montreux. This quaint and luxurious city feels like a resort town with its small shops and narrow streets. If you go on some of the walking trails in the residential areas, you will find some beautiful hidden waterfalls. Be warned to bring good walking shoes as this city is best experienced on foot and will involve walking on hills and cobble stone. This to me is what makes Montreux a treasure. The central business district is a second away from the lake and is lined with plenty of restaurants and coffee shops.

3 Places to visit in Switzerland 2. Vevey Switzerland:

We had the most amazing time in Vevey. With sidewalks by the lake and stunning, unobstructed views of Swiss mountains, it is a magical place. there is a cute village with tons of restaurants, bakeries and shops. I really enjoyed walking down the streets and checking out the cute shops around the area.3. The Charlie Chaplin Museum:

Located in Vevey, this is one stop to make if you are in the area. You will get to tour Charlie’s Mansion and watch one of his masterpieces. The Mansion has a certain understated beauty and is filled with Charlie Chaplin’s personal belongings including his , notes, passport, hat and cane.

If you are traveling to Europe I highly recommend a stop in Switzerland. You will definitely not regret it.









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  1. I’m also trying to travel at least once a year. I never thought of visiting Switzerland before, but the way you’re describing these cities makes me want to make a trip!

  2. Switzerland is a stunning place, definitely part of my bucket list Europe tour! Vevey especially looks so calm and sweet, elegant even.

  3. I would love to visit Switzerland, it is such a beautiful country but I avoided it so far because of the high prices there. I like the idea of visiting Vevey, the views from the lake with the mountains in the background are so beautiful!

  4. These places look great. I’ve never been so my list would have a ton more places as well as these three, but I’ll have to keep looking at your pics until I can get there!!

  5. I want to start traveling more. I think once a year its good idea. I’ve never been to Switzerland but I would love to visit!

  6. I have been seeing the photos recently and it is so snowy at the moment. Would love to visit and enjoy the beauty.

  7. We went to Switzerland last year so that my hubby & his friends could jump off the cliffs. I LOVED Switzerland and would love to go back. We didn’t make it to Vevey or Montreux. Glad you had a great time & you should definitely try that once a year thing!

  8. Switzerland is indeed very beautiful. I have been to Zurich and Geneva and absolutely fell in love with the country. I am going to add these three places into my travel list. Nice pictures.

  9. Switzerland was definitely one of my most favorite stops because it reminded me the most about home. So clean and beautiful. I’ve never been to Vevey and Montreux. I’ll be sure to add that to our itinerary the next time we’re in Europe. So lovely!

  10. My dad visited Switzerland a few years back and he was mesmerized by its places. It’s on my bucket list for quite some time. Just waiting for my kids to grow up. Beautiful pics in this post.

  11. I also wish to visit one new place once a year, I have always heard good things about Switzerland. I will surely like to visit, will take note of all the 3 places you mentioned.

  12. I’ll always remember my cousin’s adventures to Switzerland, and I’ve always wanted to go ever since! These photos are gorgeous and it just makes me want to hop on a plane tomorrow!

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