One simple way to wear ankle cutoff heels

Just the thought of summer being over makes me a little sad and it has me scrambling in my closet trying to wear all the summer outfits that I haven't worn. On a recent trip to New York I got a pair of black ankle cutoff heels that I have been dying to wear but haven't found the right occasion to do so until last Friday.  
I have heard that short girls should not wear ankle booties but I am not one to follow fashion rules. I am the girl you see in the street wearing blue and black or white after labor day. If you are short like I am, the best way to wear ankle cut shoes is with a short outfit or you could wear them with cropped jeans like I did. 

Easy Citrus infused cornish game hen recipe

One habit that I have managed to keep is having at least one sit down dinner a week. It is very easy to grab your plate and eat in front of the TV but conversation goes out the window that way. Last Sunday I was pretty happy with the way my citrus infused Cornish game hen came out and eating it by the couch would not do it justice. I made some green beans, garlic sweet potato mash to go with it and dinner was a success. 
1 Cornish game hen
zest from 1 small orange
2 tbsp butter
1 handful fresh parsley
1 spring fresh rosemary 
2 sprigs fresh thyme
3 cloves fresh garlic
olive oil
salt and freshly ground pepper

- Preheat oven to 350 degrees 
- Pat game hen with a paper towel to remove moisture and cut the hen in half. 
- Mix butter, herbs and garlic in a food processor until herbs are minced and butter is soft. 
- Separate skin from meat and season hen generously with salt and pepper then place herb mixture under the skin.
- Drizzle the skin with olive oil and place in the oven. 
- Cook until juices run clear about 1 hour. 

Styling in Black and White

I happened to be shopping at Legacy place the other day and noticed Banana Republic was having a sale were you get $50 off any purchase of $100 including sale items! Of course I fell for it and an hour later I walked out with 4 great pieces for 60 bucks. One thing I love about the store is the quality of their clothing. I am particularly proud of these black and white racer pants. Racer pants are great because they can be dressed up or down. I wore mine with black heels and a simple black top. 

What I am wearing:
Shoes : Jimmy Choo
Top: Marshalls

Fun, fresh and delicious summer salads

When I think of summer I think of the beach, sundresses, ice cream, fun, freshly squeezed juice and salads. Salads are a summer staple because they are very light, fresh and perfect for warm days.
Gone are the days when salads where simply lettuce, tomato, onion and chicken, Nowadays you can add all sorts of fun things like quinoa, sweet potato, wontons, fruit, fresh herbs and lots more. Today I am sharing some of my favorite salad recipes below:

Wonton avocado salad
Ingredients: Iceberg lettuce, arugula, fresh corn, cherry tomatoes, red onions, avocado, wontons, fried egg and my world famous garlic herb dressing. 

Roasted sweet potato and grilled chicken salad
Ingredients: romaine lettuce, arugula, Persian cucumber, roasted sweet potato, grilled chicken thigh, green onions and my world famous garlic herb dressing

Sofrito and soy marinated tofu salad
Ingredients: Tofu marinated in homemade sofrito, soy sauce and sesame oil, romaine lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, carrots, red onions. Dressing was simply olive oil and a little rice vinegar. 

Simply veggie salad
Ingredients: Iceberg lettuce, cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes, arugula, fresh red peppers, roasted red peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, red onion and a garlic herb dressing. 

I Hope I have inspired you to make a fun salad this week. Remember there are no rules, you can add whatever you like!

Beginners guide to making an omelette

I used to be one of those people who was intimidated by omelettes but have since realized that when it comes to food you really should just go with the flow as opposed to following some rule in a book. There is no such thing as the perfect recipe. If it is made the way you like and tastes good then it is the perfect omelette for you. Wikipedia defines an omelette as dish made from beaten eggs quickly cooked with butter or oil in a frying pan. It is quite common for the omelette to be folded around a filling such as cheesechivesvegetablesmeat , or some combination.
Above is a pictorial of how you can make a tasty omelette. I made a simple mushroom and onion filled omelette and to try this easy recipe you will need:

3 eggs beaten
2 mushrooms chopped
1 tbsp chopped red onion chopped
1 green onion sliced
1/4 tsp dill
salt and pepper
1 tsp water
olive oil 

- saute' mushrooms and onion in a small pan until mushrooms until cooked. Add a little salt,  pepper and set aside.
- reduce heat to medium before cooking egg. 
- Wipe any mushroom residue from the pan and add enough olive oil to coat the pan. 
- Add green onion, salt and a tsp water to beaten egg then pour mixture into pan.
- Keep a close eye on the egg and constantly create openings in the pan to let uncooked parts get cooked.
- Once egg is 80% cooked add your filling and flip half the egg over the other half. 
- cook both sides for a minute or until egg is cooked. Be sure not to overcook as you want the egg to stay soft.
- Remove from pan and serve immediately.